Dati aziendali

Dati aziendali

Ufficio legale: Via Bellieni, 3 | Quartu Sant'Elena | 09045 | CA | Italia

Ufficio operativo: Via Vittorio Emanuele, 43 | Quartu Sant'Elena | 09045 | CA | Italia

Numero registrazione: REA: CA-254027

IVA: IT03206900924

Numero autorizzazione regione Sardegna - Tour operator: 408

Numero assicurazione #: UnipolSai – 0327.5106617.44

Capitale sociale: € 50.000.00


Simona Solla
Giovanni Lamieri

Il marchio Italy-Cycling appartiene a Sardinia Cycling SRL, che è anche responsabile di tutte le operazioni, tra cui il Tour Operator e il servizio di noleggio biciclette.

  • Although I only rented a bike and did not book a tour, Giovanni and Simona were very accommodating to make sure my three day bike-bum tour went well! They were open to give quick advice on my route and generously offered my stinky self a shower when I showed up to return the bike. The winora winora Bermuda handled the slightly rocky paths well. Hopefully I'll be back soon 🚲
  • I highly recommend the team at Sardinia Cycling! Great service. The Canyon Ultimate I hired was the perfect set up for the ‘Giro della Costa’. What an awesome route, beautiful roads and some decent climbing. The route was easily downloaded from the Sardinia Cycling app. I just wish I could have ridden for a few more days… Thanks guys!!
  • As a small group of serious but ageing cyclists we signed up to Sardinia cycling north-west circle with Giovanni and Simona. We experienced a spectacular time of cycling, food, wine and culture that was hard to beat. There is attention to detail in the ride routes and accomodation at quality and interesting sites which without local knowledge you would not be likely to find. If you want a tour that adds something extra from a local company would highly recommend this tour and company

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Via Vittorio Emanuele, 27
09045 Quartu Sant'Elena | Italy


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