Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, we want to thank you for contributing over the years, with your questions, to make our FAQ section helpful and comprehensive.

Please find below a selection of the most frequently asked questions we receive, along with our answers. The questions are grouped by topic. By clicking on a specific topic you can view only the FAQs related to it. Do you have questions not listed here? Feel free to send us an email and we will respond quickly.

What's your usual support level on guided tours?

We follow a strict rule of six to one, which means one riding guide for every 6 riders. In addition, there is a support van can accommodate ruffly half of the total number of guests. The van contains a mobile workshop, spare wheels, spare bikes (the number is chosen depending on the required sizes). We provide a quick lunch on the go (sandwiches, pies, juices, fruit) as well as bevareages. We have gels, bars and electrolyes available for purchase. The van is in constant communication with the guide(s).

Do your guides speak English?

Of course they do. Depending on guest's nationality and the specifics of any given tour, we have guides that beside English, can speak other languages, like French, German and of course Italian.

Do you offer private tours?

Yes, sure. A large part of our work involves designing and leading custom tours - either guided or self-guided - for small or large groups on dates selected by the client.

Do you offer self-guided tours?

Of course we do. Most tours in our catalog have a self-guided variant. Self-guided tours depart anytime in the season and have a specific pricing that is indicated on the specific tour page. Services related to guided and self guided tours are also listed the tour description pages.

How do I prepare myself?

Our tours are suited to riders of different capabilities and fitness levels. For every trip you'll find the estimated fitness level (Recreational, Enthusiast, Challenge). Should you have any question about how you should interpret the three levels when selecting a tour, the best thing to do is get in touch with our experienced staff who'll be happy to help you assess if the tour you've in mind is suitable for you. We do not sell a tour if we're not sure you will be able to enjoy it.

Do you offer luggage transfer on your self-guided tours? How does it work?

Yes, of course. You'll be asked to leave your name-labeled suitcases at the hotel front desk each morning by 9:30 am. You will find your bags at the next hotel before 3:00 pm. This service is offered at a cost that is detailed under services on request for each tour. We offer the option of sharing the cost with other guests doing the same tour, or part of it, on the same dates.
More information here:

What do I get if I reserve a self-guided tour?

Guests on our self-guided tours get an extensive information pack, detailed maps, a road book and a GPS loaded with all the tracks. While on site, we arrange a briefing and we fit the bikes. Our staff are always available to help you wherever and at any time. Our network of offices allows prompt response and immediate action from our skilled staff. So far, none of our guests have lost a single day of their tour. And we aim to ensure that they never will.

What are the differences between the three offered levels of support?

The three different level of support that we offer are:

1. Self-Guided: the group gets basically the itinerary with all the route description, details, what's on the way, a GPS with loaded tracks, of course all the hotels reservations and phone assistance.

2. Supported Tour: it includes all the services of the Self-Guided, plus it includes an English speaking staff member driving the support van that helps in case of mechanical issue, takes care of luggage transportation and of the transfer from the closest airport to tour start. The van driver is not following the group, so he's not ever present, so the group self arranges stops. The driver is available in case of need, upon phone call. The supported tour has no fixed dates, which means the trip is on demand. The starting price is calculated on a group of 6 people. Of course, smaller or larger groups are welcome and the price will change depending on the size of the group, becoming cheaper or more expensive.

3. The Guided Tour includes all the services of the Supported Tour, plus it includes a bike guide with deep knowledge of the stages and of course, is able to give explanations or any kind of support during the days. The support vehicle closely follows the group, ready to stop upon indication given by the bike guide, who's constantly in touch with guests.

How do I book a tour?

Once you have chosen the tour that best suits you, we will send you a PDF form, with which we collect all your data, together with the Tour Participation Agreement. These documents must be filled out and signed, scanned and sent back to us at the address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - along with a copy of the bank transfer of the deposit payment. SardiniaCycling requires a deposit of 30% of the package price, in order to proceed with the booking.

More information here:

What's the best airport?

An airport is suggested for each tour,  this recommendation is generally the most practical as it is close to either the departure point or destination of the given tour. Of course it is not always possible to find flights all to three Sardinian airports. For this reason we are at your disposal to study the best logistics for the chosen tour.

What payment methods do you accept?

Sardinia Cycling accepts payment methods that guarantee security and convenience for the customer. Credit Card, Bank Transfer and PayPal are all gladly accepted. In the case of payment by bank transfer, we just ask that the wired amount is net of any exchange fees or bank commissions that the bank may apply.  

Is bike rental included in the tour price?

No. You can pick the bike that best suites you from the available catalog at the time of booking, because there are many options and everyone has their own preference. Those who rent receive a 10% discount on the rental price and the mechanical assistance that covers our rental bikes. For rental conditions visit the page:

Can I know the name of the hotels in advance?

As we cannot guarantee the availably of specific hotels at all times we do not list specific hotel names. The level and type of the hotels are elements of contractual relevance, as such this is the information that we advertise before booking. Upon receiving your expression of interest for a tour, we will send you a booking form that will contain the details of all the hotels, meals and everything that is included in the tour for the stated price.

Can I request changes to the itinerary?

Yes. We have designed all of our tours from the ground up and we are the people that will be with you along your journey. Because of this  we have the flexablity to accommodate most chagnges to our tours. Whether you wish to change, the length or difficulty of a specific tour, our expertise allows us to tailor it to your specific needs. 

Why do you have so little scheduled dates?

Since many years we have defined a global view on how a trip must be designed and organized. We've a clear idea and give a footprint to the way the staff have to interact or have to care of guests. We realized that the staff is actually the Company itself for the time of the trip. So hiring temporary staff or external guides would have multiplied the possibility to make sales, but wouldn't make us happy with what we were doing. That's the reason why we have little dates: we operate our trips and you'll be 99% of the times in touch with a tour designer or a tour consultant that will also be your tour guide. We think this is a wonderful idea, and we don't want to change it.

Do you use freelancer guides?


Do you do tours in other Italian destinations?

For sure. We currently offer tours in Italy and parts of France. These are also for private groups. Our catalog of tours in Italy and abroad is visible in the website:

What does 'Start Price' mean?

The pivotal factor influencing tour prices is the variable element associated with a key aspect: accommodation expenses. The stability of the price of guided group tours contrasts sharply with the dynamic nature of the price of self-guided and supported tours. To emulate the stability of guided tours for these categories, one must account for the variable component at its peak, typically during the period from early August to early September. Setting prices based on this peak ensures that we can show a fixed price in the website, and the higher margins. However, adopting high-season hotel rates for the whole opening season might deter potential customers. Therefore we've set a Starting Price, that refers to the price of the trip in the early season. Price during the season might change - and usually does - but not in a huge way as SC keeps the prices of the other services stable.

What are the cancellation penalties?

Case 1: trip cancelled by SardiniaCycling.

Sardinia Cycling reserves the right to cancel any trip, for any reason, at any time prior to departure. In this very unlikely case, Sardinia Cycling is committed to full reimbursement of the amount received.

Case 2: trip cancelled by the customer.

All requests for refunds must be submitted to Sardinia Cycling, in writing, and as soon as possible. Exceptions to our cancellation policy cannot be made for any reason, including weather or personal emergencies. There is no refund for unexpectedly leaving a trip early or arriving late.


Days before departure
Cancellation penalty
90+ €30 of administrative expenses
89-31 30% deposit per person
30-0 100% of the cost of the trip

In the event of cancellation without full or partial refund, you may use 50% of the payment for a subsequent trip within one year of the cancelled trip.

All information can be found on this page:

Can I receive GPS tracks of my tour?

Of course. They are part of the materials you will receive before the tour.

If during a self-guided tour I need to skip a stop, what alternatives do I have?

In a number of cases you can travel along with the luggage transfer. At no cost. But it is important to know that this option may in some cases have additional costs. It is not always certain that the carrier is qualified to carry passengers and therefore it may be necessary to use a cab service or similar. Generally speaking, the earlier we are asked for this option, the more time we have to find a solution with the least possible impact on costs.


What happens if I have a mechanical problem during a stage tour?

If the tour is guided, normally there are two spare bikes available, so that there is no loss of time or interruption of the stage.

If the tour is self-guided there are a few scenarios:

1. There is a problem with one of the rental bikes and it is a problem caused by a defect in the bike or an error made by the SardiniaCycling staff. 

In this case the recovery is immediately organized by our staff and the logistics are agreed with the customer. The recovery will take place from the SardiniaCycling closer point to the customer. No cost is charged to the customer.

2. There is a problem on a rental bike and it is caused by the customer.

In this case the recovery is immediately organized by our staff and the logistics are agreed with the customer. There is a charged cost per kilometer of 0.50 euro/km and the cost of spare parts used.

3. There is a problem on a personal bike of the customer.

The recovery is immediately organized by our staff and the logistics is agreed with the customer. There is a charged cost of 0.50 euro/km and the cost of the spare parts used.

Can I use my personal bike on one of your tours?

Sure you can. Very few of our customers do this, but it's OK with us. We simply ask customers to bring along the specific spare parts for their bike: dropouts, derailleur hanger, seatpost collar, or any other non-universal accessories.

What is included in the bike rental?

Bikes are equipped with two bottle cages (our full suspention MTBs only have one bottle cage mount), a pump, a repair kit with an inner tube and tire levers. Rental bikes are supplied without clip pedals (these must be chosen and rented separately, or you can bring your own). Alternatively, and at no additional cost, we provide standard pedals. 

My vacation location is far from the bike center or bike stores, how can I deal with the unexpected?

For long vacation stays, and for those who stay far from the bike center or bike stores (which is very common in Sardinia) we provide, upon request, a Cycling Pack that contains the following items:

- 1 water bottle
- 3 inner tubes
- 1 spare tire
- 3 energy gels

There is a 50 euro deposit on the Cycling Pack. When the bike is returned, the cost of used or unreturned items will be deducted from the deposit.

Prices for items in the cycling package are as follows:
- water bottle: € 5
- inner tubes: € 5 each
- spare tire € 27
- energy gels: € 2.5 each.

If equipment is returned unused, you will be refunded your entire deposit.

Can I get the rental bike delivered to the place where I will stay in Sardinia?

Sure: we deliver bicycles anywhere on the island. The delivery service starts from the nearest bike center. There is a delivery charge related to the distance from the nearest bike center. If you are interested in having your bike delivered to your vacation location please contact us for our availability on the days you choose. More information on this page:

Can I rent a bike at one bike center and return it to another?

Of course! There is no extra cost for those who are doing a guided or self-guided tour with SardiniaCycling. For those who self-organize their own tour we charge only 30 euros per bike. Stage tours, even self-organized ones, are now much easier.

Is a deposit required to rent a bike?

As a form of self-protection against damage to the bike, and as with car rentals, the card details will be checked by communicating with the bank to which it belongs and performe a pre-authorization.

This transaction will temporarily block a certain amount (see below). When checking in the bikes, our Staff will check the bikes together with you. If everything is OK, the pre-authorization amount will be released immediately. 

Deposit by bike category:
- Aluminum road bike: €200
- Carbon road bike: €300
- Mountain bike: €200
- Touring bike: €200

Do rental bikes come with a cyclocomputer?

No. Most customers bring their own GPS device. Don't worry: for those who don't own one or don't have one with them, we provide a GPS device at no extra charge.

Can I rent a helmet?

Of course! We have a supply of helmets in various sizes. The helmets are subject to sanitization after each use and retired after an accident.

Can I buy any supplements at the bike center?

Of course. Bars, energy gels and electrolytes are always available in our bike centers.

Can I purchase water bottles or do I have to bring my own?

We have 750ml SardiniaCycling bidons aka bottles available for €5.

Can I receive a standpump?

Sure you can. We can provide a track pump on request at no extra cost.

Will I find co2 canisters at the bike center?

Of course. We know that co2 canisters can't be taken on airplanes and we are equipped to provide both canisters and the complete canister/inflator system if you request it. We will provide you with a set of canisters and you will only pay for the ones you don't return: canisters cost 2 euros a piece.

Does the bike center staff speak English?

They sure do.

What's the cancellation policy for the bike rentals?

Sardinia Cycling has a large bike fleet, however we also get a large number of reservations and need to ensure each customer gets the specific model they request. In light of these challenges it is necessary to apply cancellation terms to bike rentals. They follow the same scheme as the travel policies:


Days before rental
Cancellation penalty
<89 30% deposit per bike
89-31 60% deposit per bike
30-0 100% of the cost of the rental

In the event of cancellation without full or partial refund, you may use 30% of the payment for a subsequent rental within one year of the cancelled rental.

Are the bikes insured against theft or damage?

Unfortunately, Italian insurance companies will not cover the theft or damage caused to the bikes. Bicycle theft is rare here but we do have locks available for you to use. For customers who wish to further protect themselves from these eventualities, we suggest the subscription of a travel insurance policy in their country of origin.

Do you sell bikes after the season?

Of course. In some cases we also sell bikes during the season. We also offer the possibility of buying the same bike that was used during the vacation, discounting the cost of the rental from the final price. The bikes for sale are visible on this page:

Are you open year round?

Yes. Both offices work year round. Rentals and holiday packages are not season dependant. Only the biking tours are, mostly due to the opening of hotels.

What if I give my rental bike before the natural end of the rental contract?

Exactly as with other businesses such as car rental or hotel reservations, no refunds apply in the event of early termination of service due to the customer's wishes. Our business is 100% based on reservations, so we would have no chance of recovering the lost revenue generated by a refund.

How does the payment for bike rental work?

Reservations - except in specific cases - are handled by our online reservation system. The booking platform allows payment by credit card and checkout by PayPal. To complete the reservation, you must pay the full amount in advance.

Do you have additional questions?

  • Gentilezza e disponibilità . Ottima scelta tra varie bici da strada di livello . Sicuramente da riprovare alla prossima occasione
  • Bellissime biciclette con un vasta gamma di scelta che copre tutte le discipline delle due ruote a pedali. Professionalità, disponibilità, cortesia e amichevole simpatia non manca a nessuno dei membri della SardiniaCycling. Lo staff e sempre pronto ad assicurarti e garantirti una perfetta vacanza. Unici nel loro settore!
  • Ottima scelta di bici. Ottima qualità/prezzo. Ottima assistenza e molto gentili. Il miglior posto dove noleggiare una bici in Sardegna. Ho avuto anche dei piccoli problemi con una bici ma sono stati risolti prontamente e al meglio.

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