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Since our inception our goal’s been getting more people riding on our cycling paradise, doing it in the smoothest way, and therefore having the best fun, safely. Sardinia Cycling has purpose built our app in order to help you make the most of your time exploring the island by bike.

The app is free of charge for those who reserve either a rental or a trip with us.

But before that, you can get an insight of how powerful it is, by browsing the demo version. Whether you are renting a bike for a day or embarking on one of our many tours this app has been designed to simplify the logistics and give you more (quality) time pedaling.

I'm buying a bike tour on Sardinia. What can the Sardinia Cycling App do for me?

The whole trip in the palm of your hands

If you have booked a tour with us you will gain access to the all the information regarding your tour as well as all the documentation for your trip. No need of having a phone on the handlebar: the app will send you a push notification when near to a must-see attraction along the way.

When we talk about navigation, we are referring to a broader concept than simply following a GPS track on a device screen. Navigation is having all the information you want in the palm of your hands, accessing them whenever and wherever, easily jumping from map to information on the places you'll visit or the services you can access, such as hotel locations or restaurants on your way.

To access all this information within the app, tap 'Navigate your Trip' on the main screen or in the menu. From there you get to the list of available trips and have to select the one you have booked.

Want to move the GPS file from phone to GPS device, easy: just follow the instructions in the intro area of the App.

I'm renting a bike with Sardinia Cycling. What can the App do for me?

I've got the bike, where do I ride now?

Before going ahead reading, pay attention that app like Komoot, generally very good, aren't working great here, as there's a lack of roads specifically marked as cycle paths. And Statal roads, that are - in most cases - great for riding, are avoided by the softwares, that use to select instead side roads. The result is riders often experiencing issues on rides intended for road riding and turning into rocky paths. The app is free of charge and collects the experience of local riders that do thousand kilometers every year on the lovely roads of the island. 

If you rent a bike with us, you will gain access to our extensive database of curated rides around the island, organized by location, type of riding (road, MTB and gravel), and difficulty. The app will show you the track with a list of useful services along your way, like bars or springs. There are multiple choices on every location.

This not only makes planning your days with the bike easier but ensures you will experience the best routes Sardinia has to offer.

Want to move the GPS file from phone to GPS device, easy: just follow the instructions in the intro area of the App.

Discover the Sardinia Cycling App!

  • Sardinien Cycling ist ausserordentlich professionell organisiert. Super Bikes zum Mieten, sehr freundliches und kompetentes Personal! Auch der Lieferservice ist enorm praktisch und zuverlässig. Einmal Sardinia Cycling immer Sardinia Cycling 👍
  • Ein fantastischer Fahrradverleiher, tolles, nettes und sehr kompetentes Personal. Sehr flexibel und vor allem Hilfsbereit. Großes Dankeschön für den Service und für meine nicht gewöhnliche Anfrage, ihr habt mir sehr geholfen. Wir sehen uns bald wieder. Große Empfehlung für alle die, die sich ein Fahrrad leihen wollen oder sonst was benötigen. Es gibt auch ein dazugehöriges Café, was jeden Radsportler anspricht!
  • Vielen Dank für die hervorragende Führung durch Simone und Danilo. Super E-Bike Touren mit Ihnen in Sardinien gemacht. Bestens zu empfehlen.

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