The Epic Sardinia Saga

An event that changed our lives

I spent months trying to figure out if my first Epic Sardinia would have been too challenging and if would have turned into an unpleasant or even a nightmare trip. I've spent the tour watching riders to see if they were suffering too much and cursing me on the climbs. At the end of the trip the big smiles made me feel like the rockstar of tour design!

And yes, they were actually cursing me!

Giovanni, tour designer at Sardinia Cycling

How it all started

"Hi Giovanni, can you organize some nice and challenging rides for me and my friends in late September?"

This is the message I got from our English friend James many years ago and that started Epic Sardinia. At that time all the bike tours sold in Sardinia - including some of ours - were leisure or mid-level. We had no convenance - in our minds - to work to an hard selling product. But the group was already formed, I had no need to sell it, so I had the freedom to design the tour I would do myself.

We made the trip, had a great time, stayed overnight in the same accommodations we would have chosen ourselves, and stopped at the same bars along the way.

The experience was so much fun that we decided to put the tour on the website. After all - we thought - the work had been done, plus we had taken some great pictures.

The surprise was that the tour, designed without any regard for commercial outcome, began to gather interest and registrations since the very first official edition in 2014. After 2014 we still enjoy redesigning the trip every two years, leading it. And we still get asked - on the last day of the week - "when will the next Epic be and where will it start?"

This experience taught us a lesson that is still our inspiration: design the tours you would never get tired of. Afterwards, you will find the best logistics to make them work.

Following this rule, after each Epic (and beyond), we had no more clients, only friends. Epic created an incredible number of friends from all over the world, with stable connections and a cultural exchange that made our lives so much more exciting.

Thank you again and forever, James.

Latest Epic or classic? That's your choice!

We don't really want to throw away a successful itinerary, for this reason from 2022 forward we'll make the past Epic editions available as self guided tour, private or supported. While we keep only the new itinerary as an annual - full assisted - event.

Epic, back in time

The commemorative t-shirts have become a highly coveted award

Epic 2014

How it all started

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  • Bellissime biciclette con un vasta gamma di scelta che copre tutte le discipline delle due ruote a pedali. Professionalità, disponibilità, cortesia e amichevole simpatia non manca a nessuno dei membri della SardiniaCycling. Lo staff e sempre pronto ad assicurarti e garantirti una perfetta vacanza. Unici nel loro settore!
  • Ottima scelta di bici. Ottima qualità/prezzo. Ottima assistenza e molto gentili. Il miglior posto dove noleggiare una bici in Sardegna. Ho avuto anche dei piccoli problemi con una bici ma sono stati risolti prontamente e al meglio.
  • In pratica il paradiso del ciclista a noleggio o acquisto di usati nuovissimi. Gentili e professionali. Bravi.

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