Gallura Short Break bike tour will take you from Costa Smeralda - the billionaire's paradise - to typical, inner Sardinia


north Sardinia circle tour
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    Self-guided: € 680

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    6 Days

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Self-guided tour

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    2 nights at 4-star | 2 nights at Agriturismo | 1 night at 3-star


    Three dinners; all breakfasts.


    Detailed briefing and a Road-Book containing tour details; GPS with preloaded stage routes; telephone assistance during your stay; 10% discount on bike rentals.


    Flight tickets; extras in hotel, etc; drinks during the dinner; city tax (if any); travel insurance; arrival and departure transfer; bike rental; luggage transport.


    Arrival transfer from Olbia airport to Arzachena € 35 p.p.; departure transfer from Olbia to Olbia airport € 25; supplement for single accommodation € 235 p.p.; bike rental; luggage transfer (€ 363 p.p. + 10 per pax - min 2 persons).

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North Sardinia is often identified with Costa Smeralda. This is wrong. In fact the touristic development of Costa Smeralda - the billionaire's paradise - added a totally new and non typical layer of hotels, services and businesses to northeast of Sardinia. While the Gallura area - the region that surrounds Costa Smeralda - is still very authentic and has preserved its old economy and traditions. For this reason, we find interesting to discover both faces of north Sardinia, the contemporary and turisty one as well as the ancient and traditional one.
The trip philosophy is, in fact, to give an insight of the lovely Costa Smeralda, but also giving our guests the opportunity to visit a inner part of the island rich in traditions, excellent typical food and wine, lovely hospitality and of course great cycling in the wild inner hills of northern Sardinia.
Stages are between 60 and 80km and we've included a loop around Aggius, a lovely and typical little village, with a special kind of accommodation.
We will guide you across this Sardinian region on a trip that - as for SardiniaCycling tradition - will put in connection special, significant places through lovely roads.
And in those special places we wish you to experience the very local food, wine and hospitality.

Our Route

Day 1: Arrival day

Arrival in Olbia, transfer to accommodation in Arzachena. Dinner at hotel.


Left the posh Costa Smeralda seaside, you ride inland - onto free of traffic countryside roads - towards the little old village called Luogosanto. Roads are a continuous up and downs in the Gallura regions, with generally gentle gradients, and mid sized climbs. Roads will take you up right away, showing the typical views with smooth hills and giant - stunning - granite rocks that makes this land unmistakable. Climbs keep on after Luogosanto, but as a long and very enjoyable leg immersed in a cork three forest. A long and spectacular flattish road takes you to Aggius. This is an important little village, incredibly well preserved and with a long and particular history related to cork production and... bandits. Two amazing museums (ethnographic and of bandits) will take you back in time. As the special accommodation and dinner will too, with stunning hospitality and top - very local - cuisine. Accommodation and dinner at Agriturismo in Aggius.


After pointing to Tempio, the most important town in the Gallura region, the road takes you down to Luoosanto, than it bends to north on a selection of lovely countryside - totally traffic-free - roads, to reach another very small and old village overlooking the northern Sardinian coastline: Aglientu. This is the highest point of the ride, reached through some climbing, so we'd say is a perfect spot where doing a food stop in the main village square, surrounded by the typical granite bricks building. From there, under the shade granted by a lovely cork three forest, back to Aggius. There's still one of the two museums left that awaits your visit. Accommodation and dinner at Agriturismo in Aggius.
Castellammare del Golfo


Sardinia has got many subregions, like Gallura. Today you visit another one, Logudoro, which features very different views, environment and food traditions. You'll have officially left Gallura after a super long, low gradient, descent that takes you to the spectacular Coghinas lake. Lakes - so frequent in northern countries, are little present in the Mediterranean regions. So they're gold to us. But Coghinas, a medium sized lake in the middle of nowhere and immersed in the Mediterranean vegetation, is really - absolutely - lovely and so is the little bridge that takes you on the west side of that. Some more kilometers and you'll be in Oschiri. A food stop in the church square makes for a perfect Mediterranean experience. From that very point, you start collecting, one after the other - all the elevation meters of this stage. You'll be crossing the lonely mountains of the Logudoro region up to Pattada. The name of this town, not only on Sardinia, is synonymous of handicraft knives and the workshops are everywhere. A visit, and - why not? - the purchase of a souvenir will allow to visit one of these knives makers and watch their stunning creations made of iron and deer horn. Accommodation in Pattada in a 3-star hotel with breakfast.
Bosa downtown


Back to Gallura coastline crossing the hills known for the white wine production. The very local wine, called Vermentino di Gallura, is an flavoured wine that goes well with many different kind of food. The capital of Vermentino is the little town of Monti, that you can cross in the middle of this stage. Monti is then a perfect place for lunch and to take the occasion to taste a wine right where is produced. Careful, not too much wine, since after Monti you descend towards Olbia. Olbia is the most important town in the north east Sardinia, and its little historical town starts, with a long promenade, in front of the important Olbia port. There you spend the night and there you can taste some special fish based dinner in one of the small restaurants in the old town, celebrating the end of a glorious short tour. And this time with no wine limitation. Accommodation in a three star hotel with breakfast.

To central Sardinia


Transfer to airport and departure.


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