Gallura Short Break E-bike tour

A tour that takes you from Costa Smeralda – the billionaire's paradise – to the authentic interior of Sardinia.

Tour code: GALLSB-E-24
On request
  1. Number of days: 6 |
  2. Departure: Arzachena |
  3. Return: Olbia |
  4. Level: Recreational |
  5. Fly in: Olbia |
  6. Fly out: Olbia
Guided group tour

€ n.a

This trip is available only as a self guided or as supported tour. Available as guided only for private groups.
Self guided tour


Inclusions & details
3 nights at 4-star | 2 nights at Agriturismo
Two dinners; all breakfasts.
Support level
Detailed briefing. Access to SardiniaCycling App with all the information regarding your tour, the itinerary, points of interest as well as all the documentation for your trip. Telephone assistance during your stay. 10% discount on bike rentals.
Not included
Flight tickets; extras in hotel, etc; drinks during the dinner; city tax (if any); travel insurance; arrival and departure transfer; bike rental; luggage transport.
On request
Arrival transfer from Olbia airport to Arzachena € 80 p.p.; departure transfer from Olbia to Olbia airport € 30 p.p.; supplement for single accommodation € 260 p.p.; bike rental; luggage transport (€ 580 + 10 per pax).
Supported tour

€ 1269

Inclusions & details
3 nights at 4-star | 2 nights at Agriturismo
Two dinners; all breakfasts.
Support level
Detailed briefing. Access to SardiniaCycling App with all the information regarding your tour, the itinerary, points of interest as well as all the documentation for your trip. Van assistance; mobile workshop; spare bike, bars, gels and electrolytes available on purchase. Group transfer from/to Olbia airport. Luggage transport. 10% discount on bike rentals.
Not included
Flight tickets; extras in hotel, etc; drinks during the dinner; city tax (if any); travel insurance; private arrival and departure transfer; bike rental.
On request
Individual arrival transfer from Olbia airport to Arzachena € 80 p.p.; individual departure transfer from Olbia to Olbia airport € 30 p.p.; supplement for single accommodation € 260 p.p.; bike rental.

Get inspired

Gallura Short Break e-bike tour will take you from Costa Smeralda – the billionaire's paradise – to the authentic interior of Sardinia.

Giovanni Lamieri, tour designer at SardiniaCycling

Discover North Sardinia on Two Wheels! Join us on an exhilarating four-stage biking tour through the stunning landscapes of North Sardinia! Starting and ending in the vibrant hub of Olbia, this cycling adventure is designed for enthusiasts and recreational riders seeking a taste of Sardinia's beauty. The trip will take you through picturesque paths as we journey from Olbia to the breathtaking Costa Smeralda. Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty that defines this renowned coastal paradise. Get to now the beauty of the National Park of La Maddalena Island on a stage to Santa Teresa di Gallura. Discover hidden gems and enjoy the serene coastal views. But once you leave behind you the coastline glamorous spots, there's typical Sardinia waiting for you. You'll discover hidden gems like Aggius and Monti, the revered capital of white wine. Indulge in the rich flavors of Sardinia's wine culture! On your last stage you'll return to Olbia, passing through the rustic inland landscapes. Immerse yourself in the true essence of Sardinian life.

The north of Sardinia is often identified with Costa Smeralda, but, you'll discover it, it is so much more. In fact, Costa Smeralda and its "billionaire's paradise" reputation are atypical and unique in the whole of Sardinia. The Gallura area (the region that surrounds Costa Smeralda) remains authentic and has preserved much of its old economy and traditions. This contrast of Sardinia's center for contemporary elite tourism and the vast ruggedly traditional area that surrounds it is intriguing and will show you just how complex this corner of our island is.

The stages are between 60 and 80km and daily elevations are moderate making this tour approachable for most cyclists. The shorter distances ensure you will have time for exploring the lovely destinations as well as some of the highlights along the way. 

We will guide you across the contrasts of this region on lovely roads that connect special locations with wonderful local food, wine and hospitality. That’s the Sardinia Cycling modus operandi.

  • Cultural Immersion

    Cycling through charming villages and historical sites, participants get a firsthand experience of Sardinia's rich cultural heritage, ancient ruins, and traditional towns.

  • Scenic Rides

    Enjoy relatively easy and short rides, perfect for all levels of riders.

  • Cultural Experiences

    Delight in the taste of Sardinia's inland and indulge in the wine culture in Monti.

  • Coastal Marvels:

    Explore the gems of Costa Smeralda, La Maddalena, and Santa Teresa di Gallura.


Our Route

Total distance and elevation

  1. 278.50 ......
  2. 4,421

Day 1: Welcome to Sardinia

Arrival in Olbia, transfer to accommodation in Arzachena. Dinner at hotel.
4-star hotel
Breakfast, dinner

Day 2: From Arzachena to Santa Teresa di Gallura

A long day that includes the exploration of La Maddalena island and all its treasures. We leave the posh Costa Smeralda, and ride northwards to the small tourist resort of Palau. It is a quick ride on a very panoramic road. From there a ferry will take us to La Maddalena island. We will ride around La Maddalena and its twin island, Caprera. This a magical experience allows us to enjoy not only the incredible views, but also interesting pages from Italian history found at the Garibaldi museum and home, where he lived his last years. We will leave La Maddalena on a ferry back to Palau, and from there one last stretch to Santa Teresa di Gallura. A nice town with a view of Corsica. Overnight in a four-star hotel.
Distance: 45.6km +33km
Elevation gain: 628m +461m
Riding terrain: mostly flat
Riding time: 5h
4-star hotel

Day 3: From Santa Teresa di Gallura to Aggius

We ride towards Tempio, the most important town in the Gallura region. After a few kilometers in the countryside, the road takes us progressively up to Aglientu, then it turns south on a section with lovely countryside and totally traffic-free roads to Luogosanto. We can take a break in a little bar down Luogosanto before climbing the longest ascent of the day: 8km but with very gentle gradient for most of the time. From there, we make our way to Aggius while riding in the shade of a lovely cork tree forest and then across the so called 'moon valley': a natural monument made of smooth giant granite rocks. That's not the end of this spectacular second day: there are two interesting museums in Aggius - an Ethnographic museum and one that focuses attention on the phenomenon of Bandits in Sardinia. They await your visit. Accommodation and dinner at Agriturismo in Aggius.
Distance: 52.5km
Elevation gain: 1,204m
Riding terrain: hilly
Riding time: 3,30h
At Agriturismo
Breakfast, dinner

Day 4: From Aggius to Monti

Sardinia has many sub-regions, and Gallura is just one. Today you'll visit another one, Logudoro, which features very different vistas, terrain, food and traditions. We will have officially left Gallura once we reach the spectacular Coghinas lake, which lies at the bottom of a long gradual descent. Lakes, may be common to our visitors from the north, but are relatively rare here in the Mediterranean. Lake Coghinas is the second largest body of fresh water in Sardinia, however it is the beautiful nature that surounds it that makes it truly special. A mere 5km kilometers from the lake we find the small town of Oschiri. A food stop in the church square makes for a perfect Mediterranean experience. It is all up hill from here, we will cross the lonely mountains of the Logudoro region. This section contains most of the day's climbing and ends in the town of Pattada. The name of this town is synonymous with hand-crafted knives made of iron and deer horn. There are workshops everywhere that you can visit to watch these skilled craftsmen. And why not purchase a souvenir? Accommodation in Monti in a Agriturismo with breakfast.
Distance: 65.6km
Elevation gain: 1,356m
Riding terrain: hilly
Riding time: 4h

Day 5: From Monti to Olbia

We head back to the Gallura coastline crossing hills known for their white wine production. These vineyards mainly produce Vermentino di Gallura, (the only Sardinian DOCG, for the wine aficionados) a generally dry wine with floral and bitter notes that pairs well with many foods. The capital of Vermentino is the little town of Monti, a perfect place for lunch and to taste this wine right where it’s produced. Careful, not too much wine, as we still have 30km to Olbia. Monti you descend towards Olbia. Lucky for us this last stretch is mostly descending. Olbia is the most important town in northeast Sardinia. Our visit to this historical town starts with brief ride into the city and past the port and to the hotel, located not far from the bay. You can enjoy a special fish dinner in one of the small restaurants in the old town, while celebrating the end of this short but glorious tour. And this time without a limit on how much wine you can drink. Accommodation in a four-star hotel with breakfast.
Distance: 50,4km
Elevation gain: 749m
Riding terrain: hilly
Riding time: 3,15h
4-star hotel

Day 6: Goodbye Sardinia

Transfer to Olbia airport and departure.


Travel arrangements

We suggest the following arrival an departure locations and the earlier flights will help us arranging transfers or other services like bike rental formalities, bike fitting and all services that are provided individually.
  • Transfer time from Airport to hotels is about 25 minutes on landing, 15 minutes on departure.

Packing and Weather

Sardinia is a region known for mild Mediterranean weather. It generally features warm, dry weather which makes these rides particularly enjoyable. The spring and fall can see the highs range from the 18s to 25s (Celsius), while the lows are generally between 14 and 18. Summer highs are generally between 28 and 25. We always recommend bringing along riding layers and even a bit of rain (might happen in Spring and Fall) gear so you can keep riding comfortably throughout the day.


Sardinia Cycling arranges group transfers from and to the closest airport for the trip: Olbia. Individual transfers can be also planned and the cost might depend from the departure or arrival location, from the transfer time and it can also be influenced by the presence of bulky luggage, like a bike case. Other transport option is public transport. About this last opportunity, we suggest you using Google Maps and select 'public transport' from and to your selected destination. In any case, we're ready to help you selecting the quicker, smoother and most cost effective solution.

Go Custom

Sometimes your trip on Sardinia simply isn’t long enough! Extend your stay for the best vacation possible. If you wish to spend a few days in our lovely island either before or after your trip, and need assistance making those plans, we're available help. Self guided and supported trips can be extended too and that can happen in any intermediate location along the itinerary: we can help selecting the best one!


One thing riders learn soon is that Sardinia is hilly. The terrain is varied, with gradual and short, or very long and progressive climbs throughout the week. The Gallura Short Break On E-Bike Tour is best suited for our 'Recreational' riders. The routes have been designed to avoid busy roadways, that are very rare in a large and sparsely populated island. However, very little urban riding and short sections of busy roads are unavoidable in Sardinia.


See our FAQs page for answers to common questions.

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  • Today we visited Sardinia cycling on a whim. We did not have reservations, and they normally deal with more expensive clients. But they accommodated my partner and I, and found some bikes for us to ride, as a result we had a wonderful day. Thank you everyone at Sardinia cycling SRL. 5 stars!
  • I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a bike from Giovanni at Sardinia Cycling, and I must say, the experience was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I stepped into the shop, Giovanni and his team went above and beyond to ensure that I found the perfect bike for my needs. Giovanni's expertise and passion for cycling were evident from the start. He took the time to understand my requirements and preferences, guiding me through the selection process with patience and insight. His attention to detail ensured that I found the ideal size and style of bike, providing me with confidence in my purchase. Moreover, Giovanni and his team ensured that the rental process prior to my purchase was smooth and trouble-free. They handled all the logistics efficiently, allowing me to test the bike thoroughly before making a decision. Their professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction were truly commendable. Overall, my experience with Giovanni at Sardinia Cycling was outstanding. I couldn't be happier with my purchase, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone in search of quality bikes and exceptional customer care. Thank you, Giovanni, for your outstanding service and for making my cycling experience truly memorable.
  • Although I only rented a bike and did not book a tour, Giovanni and Simona were very accommodating to make sure my three day bike-bum tour went well! They were open to give quick advice on my route and generously offered my stinky self a shower when I showed up to return the bike. The winora winora Bermuda handled the slightly rocky paths well. Hopefully I'll be back soon 🚲

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