The beauty of travelling independently, and finding luggage at the next hotel

SardiniaCycling offers a punctual and reliable luggage delivery service that is available to all the guests traveling on our self guided tours. How does it work? Easy: leave your luggage at hotel reception in the morning and you find the luggage in the next hotel before 3pm. The price of the service is listed in each of the tour description pages, among the 'on request' services. The cost is linked to the number of tour stages, so it can change from tour to tour. In addition to the basic price, we ask for an additional €10 for each rider. There is no limit on the number of bags, however bike bags are not covered by the luggage transfer service due to their large size. 

We're now offering a new opportunity that makes our tried and true luggage transfer service available with a chance to reduce the cost.

Luggage delivery sharing!

Below is calendar with all the booked self guided tours. By selecting the same dates for your adventure as other guests you can split the cost of the luggage transfer. Or you can be the first to select a date, having other travelers sharing the service at a later time. Either way, you'll be saving on this very useful service.

What happens if...

...I don't find a suitable luggage delivery date for the travel of choice?

Nothing in particular. Luggage delivery will work as usual and with its standard costs that you can see in the trip page among the services on request.

...I find a suitable trip and date.

You just need to reserve the trip and luggage transfer service on the dates that suit you and  the shared luggage delivery will be applied automatically. We'll work out our logistics and send you a quote with the updated delivery charge. delivery is scheduled and other customers reserve in the same date?

Trip reservations call for a 30% account. We use to detail separately the costs for the trip and for on request services like the luggage delivery. When the balance for the trip will be due, we'll rework the price by altering, if due, the luggage delivery fee.

...I want to check if there will be other luggage deliveries along with mine and check if the price will be reduced accordingly?

Easy! All the deliveries are automatically added to the calendar below, so that you can check anytime the status of your delivery and ask us for the updated costs.

Our luggage delivery planning

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