north Sardinia circle tour
  • Starting location

    Alghero, Italy

  • Final Destination

    Pula, Italy

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Guided tour

  • Accommodation

    4 nights at 4-star | 4 nights at 3-star

  • Meals

    Three dinners; all breakfasts.


    Guiding; van assistance; mobile workshop; spare bike, bars, gels and electrolytes available on purchase; group transfers from Alghero airport to Alghero and from Pula to Cagliari airport; 10% discount on bike rentals.


    Flight tickets; extras in hotel, etc. Drinks during the dinner; city tax (if any); travel insurance; individual arrival and departure transfer; bike rental.


    Individual arrival transfer from Alghero airport to Alghero € 20 p.p.; individual departure transfer from Pula to Cagliari airport € 45 p.p.; supplement for single accommodation € 325 p.p.; bike rental.

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Self-guided tour

  • Accommodation

    4 nights at 4-star | 4 nights at 3-star


    Three dinners; all breakfasts.


    Detailed briefing and a Road-Book containing tour details; GPS with preloaded stage routes; telephone assistance during your stay; 10% discount on bike rentals.


    Flight tickets; extras in hotel, etc; drinks during the dinner; city tax (if any); travel insurance; arrival and departure transfer; bike rental; luggage transport.


    Arrival transfer from Alghero airport to Alghero € 20 p.p.; departure transfer from Pula to Cagliari airport € 45 p.p.; supplement for single accommodation € 325 p.p.; bike rental; luggage transfer (€ 699 + 10 per pax - min 2 persons).


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We're often asked by our guests to go cycle on all (or most) top roads of the island. We usually answer that an island with a perimeter of 1850km represents a challenge for those who want to explore it all in a week.

After many years, though, we realized that it was time to takle the challenge of putting together a route that includes even not all, at least most of our - and our guests' - favorite roads and areas of Sardinia in a single week of cycling. We've called it 'Ultimate Sardinia'.

North to south, and both west and east. Ultimate Sardinia is a challenging tour with long stages and relevant daily elevation and takes you from the northwest of the island (Alghero), to the very south (Pula) in seven unforgettable stages.

What should an ultimate tour of Sardinia include? Historical towns, like Alghero and Bosa; amazing coastline roads, such as the famous stretches by the sea either along the northwest and southwest coasts; traditional Sardinia of the villages inland; the mountains of the Barbagia region, so rich in traditions and Sardinian pride; the amazing central-east with its Gennargentu Park; the wild southwest with its old mines and the gorgeous beaches.

As usual, at Sardinia Cycling, route, accommodation, food and wine are selected carefully as a part of a tale we tell, so that we can say this is not just a travel through a land, but also through its ever different traditions, culture, local food, wine and even language.

It might seem that Ultimate Sardinia is the way to make you come ride on our island once in your lifetime and see all. But as soon as you'll ride it, we're sure you will become one of our numerous repeaters who can't stay away too long from Sardinian amazing roads and warm local hospitality. 

So maybe we'll have to change name to this tour! How does Penultimate Sardinia sound?

Yes, you can do it either guided or self guided with luggage transfer.

Our Route

Day 1: Arrival day

Arrival at Alghero airport, transfer to Alghero, check-in and welcome.


This day begins with a tour through the cobbled and narrow streets of old Alghero. From Alghero and Riviera del Corallo, a splendid Aragonese town, we'll go first to the north and enjoy the incredible views from the Capo Caccia promontory. Then we head south, on a scenic road overlooking the sea, alternating up and downs, until we reach the medieval town of Bosa. A refreshment stop before we leave the coastline and climb inland towards a small town in the mountains: Santu Lussurgiu. There we have dinner and stay overnight in a tiny and typical three-star hotel. 


We'll go deep into the Sardinian core, in the region called Barbagia: an area of Sardinia that has had the least external influence and so preserves - with pride - its strong traditions. The stage is split into two different parts. The first half is quite easy: downhill in the beginning, then flattish. The second part is much harder, long and progressive climbs that take us from western to central Sardinia. We'll ride across many small and lazy villages as we approach the most important centers of the Barbagia region, such as Tonara - known for the superb nougat craft - and eventually Aritzo, a winter holiday resort in the heart of a Med island. A comfortable four-star hotel in Aritzo and a typical dinner will set us ready for another long day on the bike. 



In every tour there's a queen stage. And here it is. In one stage we'll do two of the tallest mountain passes of Sardinia: Tascusì and Correboi pass, both above 1200m. In between one of the wildest and most beautiful roads in Sardina. An old and semi abandoned mountain road that crosses the Gennargentu massif in its wildest portion.

There are so many highlights on this day, that it would deserve a separated tour and this stage to be split into three shorter ones, to be done slow enough to enjoy every single meter in full.

Despite the long distance and the relevant elevation gain, the very progressive incline of the climbs, rarely above 5%, make for an other-than-extreme effort on this day.

Accommodation and dinner in a four-star hotel.


We get out of Calagonone using a very old and narrow road that always grants awesome views on the gulf. From there, we connect to one of the most famous and beautiful roads in Sardinia: the SS125. We climb on its super easy incline for about 15km up to Genna Silana Pass, KOM of 2017 Giro d'Italia stage from Olbia to Tortolì. We then catch the famous Talana climb.

Talana is another Sardinian bucket list road and the only hors catégorie ascent in the island.

A thrilling descent will take us back to the coastline, in Arbatax. Another glorious day of cycling ends with a comfy accommodation at a four-star hotel.

To central Sardinia


Crossing the eastern side of Gennargentu massif involves always incredibly long climbing. Our day includes going up smoothly since the very beginning and then decidedly up for about 23km of continuous ascent. From the top - and forward - it's a classical mountain stage, with 5 more climbs from 5 to 10km long. After the little town of Esterzili - in central Sardinia - a long descent takes us away from the central Sardinian massif and get us in the last portion of the ride, made of very smooth up and downs across the lovely and smooth hills of central south Sardinia. Our destination is Barumini, a very important place in our island due to a World Heritage site and a great number of places of historical and archaelogical interest, some of them at walking distance from our accommodation: a three-star hotel where we will also have a well deserved typical dinner.


What we like best - as cyclists - are those days on the bike where you get surprised by dramatic changes of setting. Today is one of these days! Left Barumini, the first 45km are on easy up-and-downs or are totally flat, crossing the cultivated areas of the central western Sardinia. As soon as we'll get to Guspini, we enter the ancient mines region of the southwest Sardinia: an area heavily interested by mining activities in the past centuries, and thus neglected by tourism. But since mines shut down, nature took back this land, mass tourism couldn't develop an area with no infrastructure and... well, you just need to wait and see the amazing outcome. From Guspini and forward we'll cycle along one of the wildest areas in the island. And especially the last 40km coastline is just unbeliveable. Today we'll sleep again by the sea, at a four-star hotel in Portoscuso.
teulada coastline road


If someone'd ask me what I'd still include in this amazing cycle tour, I'd answer the west coast road that goes from Porto Teulada to the awesome and famous sandy beaches of Chia, in the westernmost part of the island. And then that is right the road we'll do on this last day. We ride mostly on easy flat roads or rolling terrein, then - after about 60km - we reach one of the most beautiful coastline roads in the world. It's a series of up and downs by the sea, that makes us meet coves, beaches and enjoy a stunning turqoise see on our right. When in Pula, we move the group to Cagliari where we stay overnight at a four-star hotel in the lovely old town. There - in one of the excellent restaurants downtown - we will also celebrate the end of an unforgettable challenge!
teulada coastline road


Transfer to Cagliari airport and end of services.


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