north Sardinia circle tour
  • Starting location

    Alghero, Italy
  • Final Destination

    Pula, Italy
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Support levels

Guided tour

  • Accommodation

    7 nights at 4-star | 1 night at Agriturismo

  • Meals

    Four dinners; all breakfasts.


    Guiding; van assistance; mobile workshop; spare bike, bars, gels and electrolytes available on purchase; group transfers from Alghero airport to Alghero and from Pula to Cagliari airport; 10% discount on bike rentals.


    Flight tickets; extras in hotel, etc. Drinks during the dinner; city tax (if any); travel insurance; individual arrival and departure transfer; bike rental.


    Individual arrival transfer from Alghero airport to Alghero € 20 p.p.; individual departure transfer from Pula to Cagliari airport € 45 p.p.; supplement for single accommodation € 325 p.p.; bike rental.

Self-guided tour

  • Accommodation

    7 nights at 4-star | 1 night at Agriturismo


    Four dinners; all breakfasts.


    Detailed briefing and a Road-Book containing tour details; GPS with preloaded stage routes; telephone assistance during your stay; 10% discount on bike rentals.


    Flight tickets; extras in hotel, etc; drinks during the dinner; city tax (if any); travel insurance; arrival and departure transfer; bike rental; luggage transport.


    Arrival transfer from Alghero airport to Alghero € 20 p.p.; departure transfer from Pula to Cagliari airport € 45 p.p.; supplement for single accommodation € 325 p.p.; bike rental; luggage transfer (€ 699 + 10 per pax - min 2 persons).


Supported tour

  • Accommodation

    7 nights at 4-star | 1 night at Agriturismo

  • Meals

    Four dinners; all breakfasts.


    Detailed briefing and a Road-Book containing tour details; GPS with preloaded stage routes; van assistance; mobile workshop; spare bike, bars, gels and electrolytes available on purchase; group transfers from/to Alghero airport; luggage transport; 10% discount on bike rentals.


    Flight tickets; extras in hotel, etc. Drinks during the dinner; city tax (if any); travel insurance; individual arrival and departure transfer; bike rental.


    Individual arrival transfer from Alghero airport to Alghero € 20 p.p.; individual departure transfer from Pula to Cagliari airport € 45 p.p.; supplement for single accommodation € 325 p.p.; bike rental.

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We have frequently been asked by our guests if we could combine all (or most) of the top roads on the island into one tour. For many years we answered that due to the size of the island (the perimeter is 1850km) this was very difficult, especially given the time constranits most our guests have.  Finally, we have tackled this challenge and put together a route that squeezes most of our, and our guests' favorite roads into a single week of cycling. We've called it 'Ultimate Sardinia'.

North to south, west to east. Ultimate Sardinia is a challenging tour made up of long stages with notable daily elevation gains and takes you from the northwest of the island (Alghero) to the very south (Pula) in seven unforgettable stages.

What should an ultimate tour of Sardinia include? Historical towns, like Alghero and Bosa; amazing coastline roads, such as the famous stretches along the northwest and southwest coasts; the traditional Sardinian inland villages; the mountains of the Barbagia region, rich in tradition and Sardinian pride; the amazing central-east with its Gennargentu Park; the wild southwest with its old mines and the gorgeous beaches. We have managed to connect all these highlights with roads that you will not soon forget. 

As usual, at Sardinia Cycling, route, accommodation, food and wine are selected carefully as a part of the tale we tell, so that we can say this is not just a travel through the land, but also through its varied traditions, culture, food, wine and even language.

The Ultimate Sardinia is the tour for dedicated cyclists that want a once in a lifetime experience of the island. Fair warning, however, after you are finished we are sure you will become one of our numerous repeat guests that can't stay away from Sardinia and its amazing roads and warm local hospitality. 

So maybe we'll have to change name to this tour! How does Penultimate Sardinia sound?

Yes, you can do it either guided or self guided with luggage transfer.

Our Route

Day 1: Arrival day

Arrival at Alghero airport, transfer to Alghero, check-in and welcome.


85.8km | 1,967m | 1,477m | 5h

On the opening stage, you’ll experience the special connection between coastline and mountain rides in Sardinia. You start from Alghero and ride south to Bosa on one of the most renowned coastal roads on Sardinia.

The medieval village of Bosa is one of the best preserved on the island and it’s worth visiting. Enjoy an unforgettable ride through the narrow streets of the old town and stop for a quick meal. After lunch you leave the sea behind you as you head inland.

The approach is trough the smooth hills of the Nurra region, up to Cuglieri. From there you continue climbing into the mountains of Montiferru. You finish the day descending into the small gem of Santu Lussurgiu, a small medieval town where a Sardinian traditional dinner and a very comfortable accommodation await you.


103.8km | 2,294m | 1,789m | 5h

We ride deep into the core of Sardinia, the region called Barbagia: an area of Sardinia that has had the least external influence and so preserves - with pride - its strong traditions.

The stage is split into two different parts. The first half is quite easy: downhill in the beginning, then flattish as we head towards the center of the island riding eastwards.

The second part is much harder: after the bridge over Tirso lake, we start a series of long and progressive climbs that take us from the western to the central portion of the Gennargentu mountain range, within the Barbagia region.

We'll ride through many small, lazy villages as we approach the most important centers of Barbagia, such as Tonara - known for superb nougat - and eventually Fonni, a winter holiday resort in the heart of a Med island. A comfortable - family run - agriturismo in Fonni and a typical dinner will get us ready for another long day on the bike. 



130.6km | 2,116m | 3,256m | 6h

We leave Fonni and ride north toward the largest town of central Sardinia and one of the administrative capitals: Nuoro. The first 50km have a descending trend and despite two climbs, you lose about 1000m of elevation.

From there we begin the first of the two main climbs of the day: 12 kilometres to Orune, and later a an amazing climb along the - extraordinarily white - Molte Albo mountain range. Many of the peaks of that famous limestone bastion are over a thousand metres high; evergreen Mediterranean scrub is all around. After a long descent, you'll find the valley of the Torpè lake and nowadays a natural park oasis: almost eight thousand hectares of unspoilt forests, trails, springs, rivers and ‘dunes’ in the territory of Bitti, Lodè, Posada.

Posada is another historical village that features a nice old town and one of Sardinia’s best preserved medieval fortresses - Castello della Fava - that rises up from the village and is rife with ancient mysteries and legends. Sounds amazing, doesn't it? That's why Posada is also the place where we've arranged for your accommodation in a three-star hotel.


111km | 1,706m | 1,699m | 5h

We leave Posada and ride southwards on a very easy first part of the stage. We cross through the village of Irgoli before we reach Galtellì. A stop in this awesome old town, will immerse us in the history of the island. Galtellì has been awarded the Touring Club Italiano’s orange flag rating for excellence. The streets, traditions and sensations of the old town center inspired the author and Nobel Prize Grazia Deledda when she set her book Canne al Vento here. After a good cappuccino we keep riding to the south.

Soon after after Dorgali we reach the main climb of the day: it's about 20km long and it will take us atop Genna Silana Pass. Unfortunatly for KOM hunters the Strava KOM was set during a stage of the 2017 Giro d'Italia. 

Mentioning is not just a joke: as on that day in 2017 it wasn't just 150 of the best pro riders racing up this climb, but there was also a massive tailwind. This makes any attempt to break the record - for the entertainment of your Strava followers - almost certain to end in failure.

All levity aside, after reaching the top you will be rewarded with a lunch stop right in front of the Gorropu gorge, the deepest canyon in Europe.

A thrilling descent will take us back to the coastline, at Santa Maria Navarrese. Another glorious day of cycling ends in a comfortable accommodation at a three-star hotel.

To central Sardinia


123.6km | 2,891m | 2,373m | 6h

Mark this day in the calendar: this is the Queen stage of the tour. Today you will accumulate nearly 3000m of climbing with more than a third of that coming in one early stretch, the Talana climb. After years of riding in Sardinia we can say with without hesitation that this is the nicest and one of the toughest climbs we have here.

In fact the ascent, that tops at 1100m on Monte Genziana, starts very low, at only 15m ASL. From there it's about 17km up, the first five km is a nice gradual warm up for when the climb suddenly appears like a wall in front of us, leaving a 'mere 12km', with an average gradient of 6.9% - a piece of cake - and the only 'Hors Catégorie' climb on the island, for those who are more into the pro cycling stats. The Talana is painful for the legs, but also a joy for the eyes: the views will take your breathe away.

But the show is not over as this stage features also the incredible Mont'Arbu road, another gem among the Sardinian roads. The old SS389 that winds along the eastern aspect of Gennargentu mountain range. It's a very remote and wild segment, there aren't many roads like it in Europe. Every time we ride it, we experience the true privilege of being cyclist, as we can take our time and enjoy all the beauty and freedom that our sport can grant. After this memorable stretch of asphalt, a few more downhills and ascents separate us from our destination: Orroli and it's family-run Albergo diffuso where we will have a nice typical dinner.


120km | 1,443m | 1,954m | 5h

What we like best - as cyclists - are those days on the bike where you get surprised by dramatic changes of setting. Today is one of these days! Leaving Orroli, the first 60km are on easy rolling hills, as soon as we cross the SS131 - the main Sardinian highway - we meet a long, totally flat section, crossing the cultivated feilds of the central western Sardinia. Riding through Guspini signals we are once again entering a mountainous region. This is the ancient mining region of southwest Sardinia: an area exploited for diverse minerals from the time of the Phoenicians until the 1970s, and thus neglected by tourism. Since the closure of the mines, nature has worked to reclaim much of this land.  Mass tourism didn't develop here due to the lack infrastructure and... well, you just need to wait and see the amazing outcome of this historical process. From Guspini on, we cycle through one of the wildest areas on the island and end the ride at an awesome beach in Portixeddu. Today you'll again sleep by the sea, at a three-star hotel in Portixeddu.

teulada coastline road


129.5km | 1,618m | 1,706m | 6h

If someone were to ask me one road to include in a dream cycle tour, I would struggle between the west coast road that cuts through the old mining region between Fluminimaggiore and Nebida, and the long southerly stretch that goes from Porto Teulada to the awesome sandy beaches of Chia. Rather than choose I have combined them to create the last stage of the Ultimate Sardinia.

You will start and finish the day riding these remarkable undulating coastal roads. The middle of the section is easy on flat roads or rolling terrain. It's hard to describe what you'll see without piling up adjectives, and to do so does this stage a disservice. We truly believe this stage should be on every cyclists bucket list. This series of up and downs will bring you past beaches, cliffs and coves with the stunning turquoise sea as your constant companion.

The trip ends in Pula, where the last hotel is! Dinner will be a great occasion to do something that often happens at the end of our trips: arguing about which stage was the best. You will find that this can be just as strenuous as the queen stage of the tour.

teulada coastline road


Transfer to Cagliari airport and end of services.


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  • A friend and I did a cycling tour in Sardinia in June 2021 with bikes rented from Sardinia Cycling in Cagliari. The bikes were top quality and absolutely brand new. John from Sardinia Cycling supported us with a lot of patience before arriving, answering to our many questions. When we arrived, the bikes were ready on time for us to leave straight for the train station, as we were on a tight schedule. On our return, John helped us with printing documents for the various Covid procedures for our departure. I totally recommend Sardinia Cycling for both their equipment and for the customer service.

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