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Welcome to Sardinia

"This land resembles no other place. Sardinia is something else. Enchanting spaces and distances to travel - nothing finished, nothing definitive. It is like freedom itself."

David Herbert Lawrence

after his journey on Sardinia in 1921

Road biking and mountain biking are some of the best ways to discover Sardinia.

A tour with SardiniaCycling takes you inside the heart of one of the most ancient regions in Europe. You’ll encounter sun and wind-shaped mountains, deep canyons and unusual forests as well as discover the architectural remains of the enchanting nuragic civilization.

SardiniaCycling offers a wide range of tours. Contact us to experience an unforgettable holiday!

Sardinia offers good cycling weather 365 days a year.

We know that nowadays weather forecasting is somewhat difficult. Temperatures change quite often and suddenly. But Sardinia offers, without doubt, some of the best weather in the world for road biking, mountain biking and trekking – oh and did we mention the island is renowned for its beautiful and diverse landscapes.

Even during the coldest months, January and February, the weather can surprisingly offer spring-like days, ideal for living out your passion for getting out on two wheels. From march until the beginning of June, daytime temperatures average between 15° and 25° C or about 60 - 75° F.

Statistically, the highest temperatures are during the summer, when they can reach a high of 40° C or around 100° F. But it is always possible to enjoy our tours during the cooler hours of the day.

A paradise for those who love active holidays in beautiful natural surroundings

Sardinia is sparsely populated. The average population density is 67 inhabitants per square kilometer. This suggests that there are a lot of areas to be conquered by biking or trekking, both near the coast and inland. The main north/south highway in Sardinia is the SS 131, and it’s off limits for cycling. On the other hand, the suitability of the roads on which our tours take place is tested by our staff centimeter by centimeter. And, you can be sure that they will take you to the unknown Sardinia, far from the chaos of the big cities. The terrain in Sardinia is variable, sometimes flat but there is a hill close by. What goes up must come down. The quality of the asphalt is on an average good, and motorists in Italy are very courteous and conscious of cyclists.

How to reach Sardinia?

Sardinia has three airports: Cagliari Elmas in the south, Olbia-Costa Smeralda in the northeast and Alghero in the northwest. Cagliari Elmas is the one of the most important airports in Sardinia. It is twenty minutes from the town of Quartu Sant’Elena, the location of SardiniaCycling. On the website of the Cagliari airport – – you will find the list of airlines, many of them low-cost airlines, that fly into Cagliari. The airport is open year round. During the summer, there are a lot of connections with the rest of Europe on charter and scheduled flights. Transport from the Cagliari airport to the city by taxi or the ARST shuttle bus is excellent. The Piazza Matteotti is at the center of Cagliari. The second airport in Sardinia is Olbia-Costa Smeralda. It is very busy during the summer as it offers a wide range of low-cost flights with the rest of Europe. For further information on the destinations and the timetables, you can visit the website: The Alghero Fertilia airport is situated in the Northwest of Sardinia. It is used mostly by the low-cost airline Ryanair. For departure and arrival details have a look into the website:

Sardinian airports

Sardinia from cyclist's perspective

Maglia Nera

Your coffee, your aperitif. With style.
Did you know? One of the most beautiful cycle cafés in the world is located in Sardinia and is called Maglia Nera. Its spirit of inclusiveness and refined style, together with the quality of its services, make it an absolutely unmissable start point or break during your rides!


one of the first questions we’re asked
We travel a lot and meet many cycling enthusiasts who are very curious about cycling on Sardinia. Curious because of the limited information on this vast and variable cycling paradise, discoverable on a bike! So one of the first questions we’re asked is this: which is the best are for cycling on Sardinia? Fortunately there is no a quick answer. Or rather, there is not only one answer. Sardinia is much more than our curious cycling enthusiasts can imagine. In fact the island is quite vast. For instance, compared with other well-known cycling destinations such as Mallorca with its 3,600 sq km, Sardinia is almost seven times larger with its 24,000 sq km. Within these 24,000 km, there is a vast variety of changing landscapes, temperatures and rainfall levels. So which is the best area for cycling on Sardinia? That’s a difficult question to answer directly. But SardiniaCycling loves challenges and therefore we’ll do our best to answer this question. Our division of the island into five quadrants is one way we deal with this question. We suggest that you plan the area for your cycling holiday according to the type of activity you want to experience.
villanovatulo climb


plan the area where you will cycle according to the type of activity you want to experience on your holiday
Cyclists often view roads while traveling by car, plane or train in terms of their suitability for cycling. Many of them conjure up idyllic images leading to enchanted places, and Sardinia offers many of these kinds of areas. But you must know how to find them. Some are perfect for mountain biking, some better for road biking. Others are for both road and mountain biking. We suggest that you plan the area where you will cycle according to the type of activity you want to experience on your holiday. If you're traveling with your family, for example, and they would like to enjoy the sea, there are magnificent areas everywhere in Sardinia for this. And you can enjoy it while mountain biking and/or road biking. We pride ourselves in our ability to design cycling holidays around the variety of different, even distinct areas for cycling holidays on Sardinia. Please get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy help you plan a glorious adventure.


There is so much to say about this area of Sardinia

We consider it a real playground for lovers of moving through beautiful mountain scenery and pristine countryside on two wheels, and on roads and trails of the highest quality. Potentially, this area should be crowded with cyclists. But it isn’t. Why? Because it’s scantly populated without many tourist facilities. So it doesn’t draw the masses of biking enthusiasts that, for instance, the coastline does.
So, what can you find here? Everything road and mountain bikers could want.

For the road bike cyclists: 1. Ascents and descents as in the Dolomites, with perfect asphalt. 2. Small mountain villages where you can stop for the classic cappuccino break. 3. Some of the very best hospitality in the world. 4. A virtual absence of traffic.

For mountain bikers: 1. Biking in open spaces in complete freedom. 2. A wide variety of landscapes changing every kilometer, offering incredible variation.

There is still an absence of trails for mountain biking. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully plan your routes, know how to 'surf' maps or use a GPS. Or, obviously, rely on guides from SardiniaCycling. We have road paper maps of this area.


a lot of very good options for road, mountain and touring biking tours

This vast area presents for bike lovers a very varying countryside, which allows enjoying a lot of very good options for road, mountain and touring biking tours. What you’ll enjoy while riding on road or touring bikes here:

1. First of all, the presence of a coastal road of incomparable beauty, which is also well protected from the elements by hills. A biking paradise in all seasons.

2. A number of hills and the lovely scenery they create. Hills? Don’t worry. The climbs are not too long or challenging.

3. Good to very good tourist facilities in different price ranges.

What you’ll enjoy while mountain biking here:

1. A good number of trails from Villasimius, one of the most popular tourist spots on the island.

2. Few transfers are needed to get out there and 'attack' the trails.

3. Some short transfers get you to some very spectacular areas to explore on a bike such as the Sette Fratelli Nature Reserve. There are some really spectacular trails there.


really enjoyable Hilly areas behind the coastline
This is big, busy and a popular tourist destination. There are a great number of tourist facilities here, many more than in any other area on the island. The areas most enjoyable, both on a road or mountain bike, are those north of Olbia. If you are a mountain biking purist, rent a car, you will need to transfer to and from your starting point. What you’ll enjoy while riding on road or touring bikes here: 1. Spectacular coastal roads, with a series of ups and downs and breath taking views. But beware of the traffic in peak summer months. 2. Hilly areas behind the coastline are really enjoyable, with numerous quaint villages inviting you to an enjoyable cappuccino break. 3. Excellent tourist facilities in various price ranges. 4. We like climbing, so if that’s your thing, there’s Mount Limbara at 1350 m above sea level. This peak dominates the Costa Smeralda, and it’s the most coveted mountain on Sardinia for cyclists from all over Europe. What you’ll enjoy while mountain biking here: 1. This is not one of the most popular destinations for mountain bikers, although there are some nice trails here allowing die-hards to have a lot of fun, particularly on Mount Limbara or Monte Pino. 2. Plan to do a few transfers to get into the action.


Perhaps the most complete area for cycling
Alghero is the center of activity in this area offering some excellent alternatives for road biking, especially along the coastal roads north to Stintino and Argentiera or South to Bosa. Climbers will also be happy, as they can try out some of the spectacular and famous climbs up from the coast to the tiny inland villages that are very worthwhile exploring. There are also some interesting alternatives for mountain bikers, but transfers are often needed to get to and even from your starting point.


Is there a best time? Difficult to answer, but based on our experience we ride both road and mountain bikes all year round. Temperatures on the whole are mild and there isn't a period in which it is difficult or even impossible to ride. That said, if we were to suggest periods for biking we would say: 1. Mountain biking is good all year round, but during the second half of July to late August temperatures make it more pleasant to cycle only in the late afternoon, after the 16.00. The daylight is longer in that period with a five-hour window before it gets dark. During the late autumn and winter months we recommend a holiday in a fixed location rather than point-to-point touring during this period. First, because many hotels are closed. Second, because the daylight hours are fewer meaning less margin to handle the unexpected. 2. Road bike cycling is comfortable year round. Winter is never especially cold, and unless you cycle up over 500 m. Otherwise, the temperatures remain between five and ten degrees, even between mid-February and the first week in March. During the winter, we discourage point-to-point touring. First, because many hotels are closed. Second, because the daylight hours are fewer meaning less margin to handle the unexpected. Please note that matching these suggestions with the specific area in Sardinia where you would like to tour will provide the best result.


practical guidance to those who want to ride on Sardinia
We don’t claim to be meteorologists. Our goal regarding temperature and rainfall is to provide practical guidance to those who want to ride on Sardinia. Bear in mind, the extreme variability of the seasons makes expectations and assumptions concerning weather difficult. But, we’re reckless, so we’ll give it a whirl! With regard to temperature, there are two extremes. 1. Around the middle of February, in general, there is a period of about 7-10 days when the temperatures become really cold by our standards, of course. This means that for a week temperatures at sea level can range between 2-3° C early in the morning to 8-9° C during the warmest hours. 2. The warmest temperatures are between mid-July and mid-August when months the thermometer can easily exceed 35° C during the hottest hours of the day. The coastal areas are ventilated and cooler than those inland. Early in the morning or after 17.00, the temperatures return to about 27-28° C. During the rest of the summer, temperatures are comfortable even during the warmest hours. Reporting about rain is far more complex. Sardinia has very little rain. It’s difficult to predict how rainfall is distributed over the period of a year. Short and intense tropical rains can be concentrated to a limited period of time. September, October, November and December, and then again in March and April and May are the months when we go out with a raincoat in our pocket. That said the average total number of rainy days on Sardinia during the year is around 30. Sardinia is not the Sahara, but it's not a rainforest either.

How to discover Sardinia

road biking on Sardinia

Road biking tours

Guided, supported or self guided
Discover the Sardinian roads around a theme, at your favorite pace.

Mountain biking tours

Enjoy mountain biking on the least densely populated regoion in Europe.

E-bike tours

E-biking on Sardinia, the key to new discovers.

E-bikes have made Sardinia - a region once fit-riders-friendly - the paradise a much wider number of riders.

Bike rental

the bike rental shop that makes your holiday better
Wide choice and large numbers. Canyon Experience Partner. Two offices to cover north and south and a reliable delivery service.
  • Today we visited Sardinia cycling on a whim. We did not have reservations, and they normally deal with more expensive clients. But they accommodated my partner and I, and found some bikes for us to ride, as a result we had a wonderful day. Thank you everyone at Sardinia cycling SRL. 5 stars!
  • An excellent cycle rental company- thoroughly recommend Giovanni and his team. Could not have done more for us and road bikes were superb.
  • Thanks a lot to Giovanni for the very flexible, reliable, and professional service. We got two high-quality bikes, and the app with recommended tours on Sardinia was beneficial to explore Sardinia. It is the best service anyone can expect and, therefore, 100% recommendable. Thank you.

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