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Rechtssitz: Via Bellieni, 3 | Quartu Sant'Elena | 09045 | CA | Italia

Betriebssitz: Via Vittorio Emanuele, 43 | Quartu Sant'Elena | 09045 | CA | Italia

REA: CA-254027 - MwSt-Nummer: IT03206900924

Region Sardinien Autorisierungscode: 408

Versicherung #: UnipolSai – 0327.5106617.44

Aktienkapital: € 50.000.00


Simona Solla
Giovanni Lamieri

The Italy-Cycling brand belongs to Sardinia Cycling SRL, that is also responsible for all operations, including the Tour Operator and bike rental services.

  • During my holiday, I rented a Canyon road bike from the Cagliari shop and on a different day, from the Costa Smeralda shop. Both Cristian and Andrea were professional in helping me get set up with a road bike and giving me advice on courses to take for my ride. I used Sardinia Cycling four years ago and it was easy for me to use this company again. I hope next time I take advantage of their cycling holidays so I can do more riding with these wonderful and knowledgeable people. It was an excellent experience for me all the way around. Grazie millie!
  • Sardinia Cycling organised a supported 4 day your. The Canyon bikes were great and our guide was helpful.
  • If you look for a BIKE this is the right place in Alghero. Quite good options and a very friendly staff.


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Via Vittorio Emanuele, 43
09045 Quartu Sant'Elena | Italy


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