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SardiniaCycling e Canyon ti danno la possibilità di provare una flotta di bici test nuovissme, presso le nostre sedi a Quartu e in Costa Smeralda.

Modelli e taglie sono riportati sotto. Per organizzare il tuo bike test chiamaci o mandaci una mail, in modo da permetterci di verificare la disponibilità del modello e della taglia a cui sei interessato.

Solo una regola: i test sono a carattere giornaliero. Il nostro staff ti aiuterà a mettere la bici a misura con l'aiuto del Canyon PPS e della App dedicata. Dopo il test stai valutando l'acquisto di una bici Canyon? Perfetto: ti forniremo un codice sconto!


€25 for the day
When it comes to combining comfort and control, the combination of our Gravel Pro Geometry and Gravel Cockpit is a truly class act. Add in Shimano’s new GRX810 gravel groupset with increased chain tension to eliminate chain drop, and you have a bike that can keep pace on the road and then turn off for fun off it.


This endurance e-road bike delivers a complete performance package, pairing a powerful Fazua motor with a comfortable frame geometry. The Endurace:ON AL 7.0 looks as good as it rides, and eats up the kilometres for fun.


Whether you’re embarking on a weekend epic or just knocking out a quick after-work ride, the Grand Canyon:ON 8.0 and its integrated Shimano motor make the perfect introduction to a whole new world of mountain biking.

Pedala con classe, in un completino SardiniaCycling

Non ci piace pedalare vestendo un souvenir. Quello che offriamo è ciò che usiamo nella nostra infinita stagione ciclistica estiva: qualità Made in Italy di lunga durata, con uno stile inconfondibile!

La maglia e la saloppette SardiniaCycling sono disponibili presso i nostri Bike Center a € 135,00 per il kit completo. Maglia e saloppette da ciclismo possono essere acquistati separatamente a:

- Maglia: € 65,00

- Salopette: € 75,00

- Cappellino da ciclismo: € 15,00

- Calze da ciclismo: € 15,00

Puoi acquistare il kit o solo la maglia da ciclismo insieme alla prenotazione della tua bicicletta, risparmiando il 10%.

  • I can't say enough great things about my experience with Sardinia Cycling! I've been on several cycling trips (some on BackRoads) and the service and attention was the best I've ever had. The entire team was outstanding. I booked a custom 5-day self-guided tour (Gallura short break) and from the first emails to reserving the trip the team was amazing. Giovanni spent a lot of time asking me questions about my route preferences (how difficult, distance, etc) and made adjustments to my itinerary as I gave him the details of what I wanted to to. I upgraded hotels, upgraded my bike, and they transferred my luggage to each place. Even though I am a woman traveling solo , I felt safe and supported by the team. John was really great delivering the bike and setting me up for success at the beginning of my trip spending extra time so that I felt comfortable. Then Andrea was who supported me during the trip - checking in on me and making sure I was enjoying the trip and delivering my luggage to the next destination and just overall giving great support and communication. One of the hotels had an issue, but Andrea handled it professionally and quickly and it was all settled even before I knew there was an issue. PURE Professionals. In addition, the whole team sent me separate messages along the way congratulating me on my long challenging rides -- these little touches make all the difference. I highly recommend this company and hope you have the cycling trip of your life like I did. Sardinia is so beautiful I don't want to leave. Thanks so much Giovanni, John, and Andrea for such an amazing experience!
  • Excellent experience. Highly recommend. Flawless bikes, impressive customer service.
  • A friend and I did a cycling tour in Sardinia in June 2021 with bikes rented from Sardinia Cycling in Cagliari. The bikes were top quality and absolutely brand new. John from Sardinia Cycling supported us with a lot of patience before arriving, answering to our many questions. When we arrived, the bikes were ready on time for us to leave straight for the train station, as we were on a tight schedule. On our return, John helped us with printing documents for the various Covid procedures for our departure. I totally recommend Sardinia Cycling for both their equipment and for the customer service.

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