What's the secret behind so many returning guests? No secret: we just have fun doing what we do. And we do it with passion!

SardiniaCycling, established in 2008, is a tour operator specialized in cycling holidays

We’re not afraid to say that we are a leading cycling tour company. We accommodate cyclists from all around the world and we specialize in arranging unforgettable cycling tours and holidays.

"By combining dreams and quality of services, we’ve created a business with soul"

Why choose us?

Our bike center network is always nearby

SardiniaCycling is located in two offices in the areas on Sardinia that offer the best cycling. In the South, we are in Quartu Sant'Elena, nearby Cagliari. In the Northeast, we are in Costa Smeralda. Each office has its own manager, a fact that guarantees stability for our guests. If you're on a tour or staying on holiday at a resort, we'll be close at hand.

Local, but also international

SardiniaCycling has strong partnerships with international companies such as Canyon, our official partner. We also partner with Campagnolo. Investments through the years have made SardiniaCycling the biggest and most capitalized company on the island. 99,9% of our guests come from many different Countries. We speak English, German and Italian so you can feel free to communicate with us in your language!

The SardiniaCycling philosophy

You will meet smiling people at SardiniaCycling, because we are doing our dream work. And we think we have found the balance between dreaming and doing business. By combining dreams and quality of services, by paying attention to detail, giving priority to safety and establishing only the best relationships with our guests we’ve created a business with soul, a business where guests go home with a smile and return again as friends.

We care about your opinion

And we're proud to say that our guests promote SardiniaCycling! Have a look at what our former and largely- repeater guests have to say about us on TripAdvisor or Facebook.

Meet our team

Simona Solla

Partner and founder, financial manager

Road cyclist, guide from Sardinia, Italy

You'll meet her often during our biking tours or events, but her main role is that of financial manager. In these shoes, she saw SardiniaCycling moving from its first base – her backyard – and opening new offices around the island. She's an outstanding reference for our team, an excellent cyclist. And while she makes ends meet, she distributes smiles and a very positive attitude.

Giovanni Lamieri

Partner, marketing strategies

Road and mountain bike rider, guide from Sardinia, Italy

Partner and founder with a degree in political science and a passion for economics and sociology. He has designed the company’s marketing strategies through the years. He’s also designed its outstanding cycle tours. A mountain bike racer in the past, Giovanni has a passion for cycling on the whole. He loves talking about Italy, its traditions, economic and social matters during tours. If you want to stop him from talking, just try to out-cycle him! A challenge? Just try it!

Marcello Ghironi

Bike fleet manager

Road and mountain biker, guide from Sardinia, Italy

He became part of a very young company by pure chance, and with his skills as mechanic, his work ethic and his will to learn new things he's been able to turn himself into our number one bike fleet manager. Nevertheless, he's a great athlete and, like the rest of the team, he loves to ride on our cycle tours. What’s more, Marcello inspires only confidence in case of mechanical problems.

Stefano Melis

Bike Centers Coordinator

Mountain biker and cycling lover, bike mechanic from Sardinia, Italy

Stefano is the latest addition to the team. Kind, attentive, collaborative: nobody can get Stefano angry. These great qualities made him the key person not only to work with our guests, but also to coordinate and keep the team from the local offices unite and be sure the level of service is on the same standard.

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Our network is expanding to other Italian regions, in order to provide our worldwide guests only the best and most authentic riding experience.
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