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Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about traveling with SardiniaCycling.

How difficult will the riding be?

To help you choose a ride that meets your expectations, we classify each ride into four categories: tourist, medium, challenge and pro. See the tables below for a description of these categories.

How should I train?

The best training advice we can give is just to go out and spend some time bicycling! The more time you spend riding, the more fit you become, which adds enjoyment to your trip. The first two tour classifications do not require any special training to enjoy them. The last two, 'challenge' and 'pro', do. But if you are going to ride such tours you don't need specific advice from us, because you’re already a frequent rider.

Bicycle tour difficulty level classifications

Bicycle Tours, training camps

Group Level Daily distance Daily elevation gain (m)
TOURIST 40-50KM 200-400
MEDIO/MEDIUM 40-70KM 300-700
CHALLENGE 70-140KM 400-1400
PRO +140KM 1500-2500

Mountain biking tours and training camps

Group Level Technical level Daily distance Daily elevation gain (m)
TOURIST 15-25KM 150-200
MEDIO/MEDIUM 25-45KM 300-700
CHALLENGE 40-65KM 400-1800
PRO +65KM 1800-2500

What types of people come on your tours?

Adults of all ages join our tours, from young athletes to the retired couples. We don‘t ask how old our guests are, and they usually don’t tell us. Some travel as couples, some travel as solos. But they all have one thing in common, their love for cycling. Just like we do!

How many people are on a tour?

The maximum size is 15 guests on our scheduled tours, which is the largest number we can guide and still provide the excellent level of service you can expect at SardiniaCycling. In fact, we usually use small hotels, which wouldn’t be possible with a larger group. For special and customized events, we can accommodate larger groups.

Do you operate all of your tours?

Absolutely. We believe the only way to ensure the quality of our tours and the SardiniaCycling footprint is to operate every tour by ourselves.

How do I reserve space on a tour?

SardiniaCycling devotes great energy and passion to the design of your cycling holiday. We are concerned that everything we do between the time of our first contact with you until we say goodbye after a successful cycling experience is carried out in a very professional way. You’ll find extensive information about the booking procedure under the 'How to Book' area of the website.

If I cancel my reservation, can I get a refund?

If you are forced to cancel a trip reservation, we will refund some or all of your money, based on how much notice you give us. The table below describes the size of your refund:

Days prior to departure
Cancellation fee
90+ €30 administrative fee
89-31 Loss of the 30% deposit
30-0 100% of trip price

In case of cancellation without the right of total or partial reimbursement, you may apply 50% of payment to a future trip departing within one calendar year of cancellation date. The complete Terms and Conditions for the sale of vacation packages according to Italian regulations can be downloaded here.

Can I get a partial refund for arriving late or leaving early?

In a word, no. Each tour is a package. There are no refunds for arriving late, leaving early, electing not to use one of our bicycles, or choosing not to participate in any of the scheduled activities.

What if you cancel a tour I’ve signed up for?

Once you have reserved space and paid for a tour, we guarantee your tour will run. The only reason we will cancel a tour is for force majeure (natural disaster, war, etc.). If we must cancel a trip for which you have registered and paid a deposit, you will receive a full refund. SardiniaCycling is not responsible for expenses incurred in preparation for any cancelled trip, such as airline tickets, or for costs incurred due to travel days, flight cancellations or illness.

Should I get travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a very good idea. Missing a trip is no fun, but losing the money you paid for your trip is even worse. To ensure quality service, we are forced to hold a strict cancellation policy: if you are forced to cancel within 30 days of a trip departure, you will receive no refund. If you are forced to cancel due to events out of your control, travel insurance can reimburse you. Some policies even allow you to cancel for any reason. Similar policies are available for purchase. But be sure to compare what's on the market, paying attention to the fact that some companies work better for EU citizens, others for citizens of the USA, Canada or Australia.

What if I am traveling solo?

Our tour prices are based on two people sharing a room. If you are traveling solo and would like a private room every night, we will reserve your own room and add an additional single occupancy fee to your trip cost. On the bottom of each tour description, in the area dedicated to tour prices, you can find the single occupancy fee for each tour.

What are the activity levels?

We have classified our rides or tours into four different categories, based on the distance and amount of climbing. The difficulty level is stated at the top of every tour description. If you have any questions about what level may be appropriate for you, please contact us. We're happy to advise you.

What about bicycle safety?

For your safety, we require the use of a bicycle helmet. You should be able to ride comfortably on the road with vehicles and other riders, and be able to follow the rules of the road.

At what pace do the cyclists ride?

Riders are encouraged to ride at whatever pace is comfortable for them. Of course, if you are riding a tour classified as 'Challenge' or 'Pro', they will be covered at a good average speed because these tours are relatively long.

Does everyone ride together in a pack?

We don’t advise riding in a pack, since riders are encouraged to ride at whatever pace is comfortable for them. Usually, cyclists tend to spread out on the route or ride in small groups.

Can I ship my bicycle to you?

Yes, shipping your bike to us before your tour is easy and usually less expensive than flying with a bicycle. You can ship it to the address of our main offices in Quartu Sant'Elena.
Bikes will be unpacked, assembled, and tuned by our professional mechanic. At the end of the trip, we will ship your bike back. The cost of this service is €70, not including shipping.

You’re more expensive than other companies. Why?

If getting you from A to B is all you want from a car, consider buying a cheap one. On the other hand, if you want guaranteed quality and performance consider one of the more expensive ones. Like the manufacturers of excellent, more expensive cars, we strive to offer cycling enthusiasts the very best in quality and performance. 

At SardiniaCycling we would never ever consider compromising quality and performance in the interest of lower prices.

Quality and performance, what does this mean at SardiniaCycling?

Well, offering cyclists those little extras is one way of putting it. And by this we mean a huge fleet of top-of-the-line and well maintained bicycles including road and mountain bikes, hybrids and even electric-powered bikes. Bikes suited to meet the demands of the most enthusiastic to the more casual cyclists.

Quality and performance also involves offering cyclists carefully chosen tours on lightly trafficked roads that not only fulfill their passion for cycling, but also offer valuable knowledge and insight into Sardinian history and culture.

Quality and performance also calls for top-of-the-line accommodations meaning comfortable hotels, excellent meals and reliable support services.

Excellent bicycles, carefully planned tours and top-of-the-line accommodations are what SardiniaCycling is about. That’s the quality and performance that cycling enthusiasts pay a little extra for. And the ingredients of an unforgettable cycling experience on Sardinia.

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