A 5-stage tour on the wildest and unspoiled mountains of central Sardinia


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  • Starting location

    Cagliari, Italy

  • Final Destination

    Arbatax, Italy

  • Tour code


Support levels

Guided tour

  • Accommodation

    2 nights at 4-star | 2 nights in an Agriturismo | 2 nights at 3-star.

  • Meals

    All dinners; all breakfasts; quick lunch during stages: water, hydrolytes, fruit, pies, sandwiches.

  • Support level

    SardiniaCycling cycling guides; mechanical assistance during the stages; epic's commemorative t-shirt; mobile workshop; spares bike, bars, gels and electrolytes available on purchase; group transfers from/to Cagliari airport; 10% discount on bike rentals.

  • Not included

    Flight tickets; extras in hotel, etc; drinks during the dinner; city tax (if any); travel insurance; individual arrival and departure transfer; bike rental.

  • On request

    Individual arrival transfer from Cagliari airport to hotel in Cagliari € 25 p.p.; individual departure transfer from Barisardo to Cagliari airport € 180 p.p.; supplement for single accommodation € 230 p.p.; bike rental.

Self-guided tour

  • Accommodation

    2 nights at 4-star | 2 nights in an Agriturismo | 2 nights at 3-star.

  • Meals

    All dinners; all breakfasts.

  • Support level

    Detailed briefing and a Road-Book containing tour details; GPS with preloaded stage routes; telephone assistance during your stay; 10% discount on bike rentals.

  • Not included

    Flight tickets; extras in hotel, etc; drinks during the dinner; city tax (if any); travel insurance; arrival and departure transfer; bike rental; luggage transport.

  • On request

    Arrival transfer from Cagliari airport to hotel € 25 p.p.; departure transfer from Bari Sardo to Cagliari airport € 180 p.p.; supplement for single accommodation € 230 p.p.; bike rental; luggage transfer (€ 590 + 10 per pax).

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Epic Sardinia consists of five stages with elevation profiles and routes that highlight all of the capabilities and abilities of a dedicated cyclist. Make no mistake. It’s designed to maximize cycling enthusiasts’ expectations of what top-of-the-line cycling is all about. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Epic Sardinia was designed with no regard to commercial aspects. The only focus was on putting together only the nicest, wildest most special roads: those we love most. The result was... Epic. And despite not commercially oriented, Epic Sardinia has become a commercial success too.

Epic Sardinia takes place in an incredible natural setting featuring long stretches, tough climbs, short and quick ascents, flat roads and false flats as well as long winding descents. The tour starts in Cagliari and finishes at the beautiful beach at Bari Sardo.

At its end you’ll have ridden up and down in the glorious Gennargentu, the highest mountain range on Sardinia.

Epic Sardinia is a fully assisted stage tour: our support vehicles escort all of the stages, with drinks, bars and gels and, of course, water. Mechanical assistance and spare wheels are guaranteed from the very first to the last kilometer of each stage. The only difference from a Pro-Tour race is that Epic Sardinia is not a race. There's always the possibility of jumping in the van to shorten a ride, if needed. And as a little extra, a photographer follows the group taking shots of the cyclists and of the memorable views that’ll prove you accomplished the tour.

Ride at the pace that best suits you! Epic Sardinia is a challenging event, but it's not a race. Some ride quicker than others, some slower. Guides will be a constant reference for each small group: none is left alone. But we pride to get the group always safely at the day’s destination together.

Is there a group especially for women? No, but women represent about half of the riders. Female guides follow the groups as well. Our focus, however, is to have all of the riders finishing the main climbs and the stages together regardless of the group they’re in. That's what we call the comradery that contributes to the magic of cycling! And that's why the Epic is so – Epic.

Our Route

Day 1: Arrival day

Arrival at Cagliari airport and transfer to hotel. Accommodation at four-star hotel and welcome dinner.

Day 2: Ride Solanas to Orroli. 117km; 1800m.

Big news! The start of the Epic Sardinia is in Solanas, a few kilometer southeast of Cagliari, on the coast. There we get on the SC van. The south of Sardinia doesn’t feature high mountains or great mountain ranges, but that doesn't mean that cycling is easy or without long climbs.

Experienced cyclists know that multiple medium or short hills can be much more painful that a couple of long climbs. Well, here we have everything, so we can compare. After a flat and false flat start, we have have an up and down section along the amazing south east coast road.

The first, but also the only long climb, is the final one that takes us to the finish line at Orroli. Despite the many hills we'll meet on this day, most say this is the toughest climb of the stage. Maybe because it's the last one, and you already imagine yourself, sitting at the table of one of the most famous restaurants in Sardinia.

Too early! You'll taste some of the nicest Sardinian food, but you have to deserve it! Between climb and climb, there are long downhills, ups and downs, some flat and false flats. There’s some wind possible, especially at the beginning of the stage. We have all the ingredients of great cycling, and this is only the first stage.

We wouldn't rate this stage as tough. The climbs can be long, but the incline is always pretty slight. But as pro riders say, “it's not the course that makes for a hard ride, it's the riders.” So keep calm, Epic Sardinia is only at the beginning! Overnight in a Albergo diffuso, with an amazing traditional dinner.

Day 3: Ride Orroli to Villagrande. 101km; 2600m.

Orroli, our start location for today, is a famous village and an ideal border between the south of Sardinia and the wild, central sub-region called Barbagia. Pass this border and everything changes dramatically.

For example, the Sardinian language spoken here is still understandable by us southern Sardinians, but right after - to the north - is like Arabic. Cycling after Orroli changes incredibly too, and follows the same ratio as language: from the typical southern roads, with rolling hills, we'll get in the land of proper mountains. There are three challenging - medium distance - climbs in the beginning, the first to Villanovatulo, the second to Seulo and the third to Gadoni. They're different in gradients and views ad yet all awesome. Cars are unusual. The longest climb of the day is a first category col that comes after the tiny village of Belvì, goes through Desulo and tops at the Tascusì pass.

The second longest is the famous climb up, second category col, to Mt. Bruncu Spina, on one of the two highest paved roads reachable on a road bike. We ride up to 1561 meters. The climbs, again are never too steep. The average incline for both climbs is between 4 and 5%. There are few descents as well as steep but short sections of up to 12%.

At the end of the day we'll have put 2800 meters up into our tired legs. At the end of a day like this what's better than lodging at a top class accommodation and having dinner at an Agriturismo a few hundred meters from the top of Mt. Bruncu Spina? The dinner will reward a great day of cycling.

Day 4: Ride Villagrande to Fonni. 78km; 1600m.

This third stage survives the big changes introduced in the newest Epic Sardinia – there’s no point in throwing out a winner! Again a wonderful loop that explores the mountains with some of the wildest landscape on the island.

We'll see how the Gennargentu can be sweet, offering low inclines for most of the ride.

But we'll also see that it can be bloody hard if you don't respect the last climb to the S'Arena col, to conquer the second highest top on the island.

The killer ramps in the last kilometer have some short sections with more than 20% inclines. Even though for a short bit, they’re more like a wall than a road up. We start from the Agriturismo at Fonni at 1100 m above sea level for an anticlockwise loop. After a very long way down, the first climbs are not particularly long or steep. The longest is right outside Tonara and continues all the way up to the crossroad at Rifugio S'Arena. This is a second category climb and is nearly 14 km long, with an average incline of 4%.

The last challenge begins at the road to S'Arena. The elevation chart shows it as the very steep, red colored peak. At the top we'll gather the group. The first to arrive there will, of course, cheer on those who still have to make it to top. That's what we call the comradery that contributes to the magic of cycling! And that's why the Epic is so – Epic.

An up ad down section will take us back home.

After a glorious ride, we’ll spend another night at the same Agriturismo outside Fonni, and we’ll enjoy a superlative Sardinian dinner.

Up to Punta S'Arena, among Sardinia's tallest paved roads
Checking stage chart

Day 5: Ride Fonni loop. 105km; 1740m.

At SardiniaCycling, when we organize our road cycling stage tours, we always include the less known roads, or put another way, the not to be missed roads, the real jewels.

Less known only because they are too challenging for many of the cycling tour companies who aim to offer leisure cycling. We followed suit when we first started our business. But then we found this stage to be one of our most successful of our tours.

Many of our returning friends asked us to plan a tour including again this amazing ride across the Gennargentu mountain range. So here it is.

At the beginning of the stage, there’s a 14km and pretty easy 4% climb to the Correboi pass. A piece of cake! But at the top of the Pass, we’ll go down, and after the first 25 km we’ll enter a special, semi-abandoned road.

Here we’ll enjoy the magic loneliness of this corner of Sardinia where mobile phones surrender to these 40 kilometers of mountain paradise.

After ups and downs, among springs, wild pigs, free-ranging sheep and cows, with eagles and hawks and vultures above our heads, we’ll reach the little mountain village of Seui. And after so much time in the wilderness, Seui resembles a city! And while back in civilization, we can enjoy a cappuccino, a good pause to talk about what we’ve experienced. After a long descent we’ll have a rather easy climb and a final flattish bit to Seulo where we can prepare ourselves for another tasty Sardinian dinner at a small family hotel.

Day 6: Ride Fonni to Arbatax. 105km; 2100m.

Back to the Sea could be the title of the fifth stage. For those who think that this will be easy, well, it’s not. During this stage we’ll experience some of the most fascinating and challenging hills. Right after Sadali we’ll have a really tough climb, split into two parts.

The first five kilometers incline between 6 and 10%.

The little town of Esterzili at the middle of the climb offers us opportunity to catch our breath. Then it’s up again on one of the toughest stretches of the Epic. Five kilometers with inclines above 13%, some at 24%. That's the main climb of the day. But there are two more. One at km 37 and the other at km 50. These are not killers.

On the top of the Passo Sarcerei at 1100 m above sea level, we'll be able to view the beautiful Blue Mediterranean.

A super long, winding and thrilling downhill on excellent asphalt is a beautiful way to say arrivederci to the addicting Gennargentu wilderness.

The Bari Sardo beach awaits where we’ll more than likely enjoy a fish dinner. We’ll overnight at a four-star hotel right on the beach.

Day 7: Farewell and departure day.

Group transfer to Cagliari airport and end of services.


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This tour offers a lot that we call amazing and we’re quite sure you’ll agree with us. You’ll visit places offering coastline views of the Costa Smeralda and the hilly landscape of the northeast of our lovely island. And if that’s not enough you’ll experience the medieval heritage and Mediterranean lifestyle of cities such as Castelsardo, Alghero and Bosa. The tour also visits some of the most secret areas of Sardinia such as Barbagia and Ogliastra with their strong traditions, true Sardinian pride and, not least, outstanding cuisine.


This is the tour for you who love acquainting yourselves with history, culture and traditions. It’s just the tour for those of you who want to discover the unique and beautiful Sardinia, a still unspoiled land. And this tour won’t disappoint road bike enthusiasts who like riding daily stages technically designed to enhance their passion for cycling. The whole journey is on perfect asphalt free of heavy traffic. On this tour you can enjoy cycling without a worry in the world. All overnights are in three or four star hotels, carefully selected to provide great comfort and quality food and drink.

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