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Try the new bikes from Canyon: the most innovative bike brand!

SardiniaCycling and Canyon offer you the opportunity to test the newest models at both our locations near Cagliari (in the south) or in Costa Smeralda (in the northeast).

Bikes and sizes are listed below. To arrange your bike test, please give us a call or write an email, a few days in advance, to ensure availability of the specific model and size.

Only one rule: bike test are on half or full day basis. Our staff will help you fitting the bike and assessing the correct size for you with the help of the Canyon PPS (Perfect Positioning System) and a dedicated web app. Interested in buying a bike after the test? Perfect: we'll provide you with a discount code!


€25 for the day
When it comes to combining comfort and control, the combination of our Gravel Pro Geometry and Gravel Cockpit is a truly class act. Add in Shimano’s new GRX810 gravel groupset with increased chain tension to eliminate chain drop, and you have a bike that can keep pace on the road and then turn off for fun off it.


This endurance e-road bike delivers a complete performance package, pairing a powerful Fazua motor with a comfortable frame geometry. The Endurace:ON AL 7.0 looks as good as it rides, and eats up the kilometres for fun.


Whether you’re embarking on a weekend epic or just knocking out a quick after-work ride, the Grand Canyon:ON 8.0 and its integrated Shimano motor make the perfect introduction to a whole new world of mountain biking.

Be classy,with a SardiniaCycling cycling kit!

We don't like riding wearing a souvenir kit. What we offer is what we use on throughout our infinite summer cycling season: long lasting Italian-made quality, with distinctive style!

The SardiniaCycling jersey and bib is available at our Bike Centers at € 135.00 for the full kit. Cycling shirt and bibs can be purchased separately at:

- Jersey: € 65.00

- Bib shorts: € 75.00

- Cycling cap: € 15.00

- Cycling socks: € 15.00

You can reserve the kit or just the cycling shirt along with your bike rental reservation, saving 10%.

  • Bellissime biciclette con un vasta gamma di scelta che copre tutte le discipline delle due ruote a pedali. Professionalità, disponibilità, cortesia e amichevole simpatia non manca a nessuno dei membri della SardiniaCycling. Lo staff e sempre pronto ad assicurarti e garantirti una perfetta vacanza. Unici nel loro settore!
  • bici nuova di pacca, prezzo in linea, consigliato... il negozio è molto bello e ristrutturato
  • Tra i miei clienti preferiti. Sicuramente dei professionisti che sanno il fatto loro. Competenti, disponibili, innovativi.

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