SardiniaCycling is among the biggest bike rental businesses in Europe

...with an outstanding match between number of bikes and average level. To get to this point, we had to develop a very efficient organization, a skilled staff and well defined working procedures.

This clip shows how we manage the bike rental business area, from inquiry to bike return.

Below all the info on How to reserve a rental bike

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1. Bike selection and reservation

Bike selection

First choose a bike from the catalog SardiniaCycling has a huge bike park, which includes virtually every type of bike from bikes for children to carbon fiber road bikes.

The available bikes are featured in the catalog, where you will also find the their technical specifications and rental costs for standard rental periods.

Submit your request

You can do it using the booking form. If you want more than one type of bike, or if you can’t submit your request through the form, you can submit it by emailing it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please send us as much information as you can, e.g. bike or bikes required, bike sizes (or your height), the number of rental days, accessories, place date and time of delivery and collection that we need to send you a price quotation.The price quotation also contains instructions for payment.

After booking the bike or bikes, you can also fill in the bike fitting form for enabling a perfectly fitted bike or bikes. This service SardiniaCycling provides at no additional cost.

Order confirmation

SardiniaCycling requires a 30% payment at the time of booking. The balance can be paid on site, by cash or credit card.

SardiniaCycling guarantees the availability of equipment included in the quotation for only a limited period, indicated in the form, since, especially at certain times of the year, requests for equipment is high.

Please note that the bike is reserved only after we receive the 30% deposit.

2. Payments

Payments can be made in two ways:

- By bank transfer on the bank account specified in the quotation sent to you.
- By credit card or by Paypal (a payment request sent to you by email).

You can pay the balance with cash or credit card on site.

3. Deposit

As a form of self-protection against bike damages, and right as for a car rental, the card details will be checked by communicating with the circuit to which it belongs and running a pre-authorisation.

This transaction will temporarily block a specific amount (see beow). At at the time of the bike check-in, our Staff will check the bikes with you. If the check is OK, the credit card company will unblock the pre-authorisation amount. This usually happens within 72 hours of the payment being collected.

Deposit by bike category:

- Alu roadbike: €200
- Carbon roadbike: €300
- Mountain bike: €200
- Touring bike: €200

4. Check-out and check-in

They're just bike delivery and pick-up.

In both cases your cooperation is required in order to check that the rental bike is compliant to our quality standard at the delivery stage, and it's not damaged at pick-up.

5. Rental conditions

Rental bikes come with standard flat pedals and with handpump, computer, seatbag with a spare tube and two tyre levers. For long holiday stays we deliver, upon request, a Cycling Pack which contains the following items:

- 1 water bottle
- 3 inner tubes
- 1 spare tyre
- 3 energy gels

There is a €50 deposit on the cycling pack. When the bike is returned, the cost of the items used or not returned will be deducted from the deposit.

The prices for the items in the cycling pack are as follows:

- water bottle: € 5
- inner tubes: € 5 each
- spare tyre € 27
- energy gels: € 2,5 each.

6. Home delivery

We deliver the bikes anywhere in the island

Delivery service leaves from your closest bike center.
There's a delivery fee related to the distance from your closest bike center.

If you're interested in getting the bike delivered to your location, before reseriving please check if our staff is available in the selected date, since the high request for bike deliveries.

7. Pick-up in a different bike center

it's also possible to hire a bike in a bike station and return in another.

You can, for instance, pick up the bike in Alghero and drop it in Cagliari without any additional fee for those who travel with SardiniaCycling, while for those who self-organize their tour we charge only € 30 per bike. Stage tours, even self-organized, are now way easier.

Do you need further info? Just drop us an email or a message

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Opening time

Opening time

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