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Guided & self guided biking tours

Regardless of whether you choose a guided group tour or a self-guided biking tour, SardiniaCycling guarantees carefully designed tours on tried and true routes offering top-of-the-line service. The tours suggested pay special attention to fulfilling your passion for cycling, and they’ll also offer you greater understanding of Sardinian history and culture.

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Bike rental catalog

Browse our catalog and choose the bike for your cycling holiday on Sardinia. Remember: early bookings allow us a better fleet management and maintenance of the high quality and reliability that we believe characterizes SardiniaCycling.

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Where to rent a bike in Sardinia

Excellent bicycles available in Cagliari, Coasta Smeralda, Alghero and in other top resorts, meticulously planned rides and services, our skilled staff available for you: discover our rental network.

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SardiniaCycling: Cycling taken seriously!

Renting a bike with us: your advantages

Renting a bCycle Map Costa Smeraldaike with SardiniaCycling isn't just renting a bike, it's way more, it means taking full advantage of our cycling knowledge and organization.

The first advantage is for those who want to enjoy cycling in their holiday area as they can find a good rental bike nearby. From 2014 SardiniaCycling has bike stations in the main areas of the island, especially in the cities where we have international airports: Cagliari, Olbia and Alghero. From our bike stations we are then able to deliver the bikes everywhere in the island without charging too much.

The second advantage regards finding the right routes. At our bike stations you can now find nice and professional cycle maps, with suggested routes and their specifications, such as length and elevation profile. The Cycle maps are available so far for the Olbia - Costa Smeralda area (road bike), Alghero (road bike), Pula (road and mountain bike).

Experience Sardinia on a bike

A lot is happening in our world and in the world of cycling tours. And at SardiniaCycling we’re in step with the times. First things first. Let’s talk about what’s happening in our world. We are expanding.

Classic biking tours

From the very beginning SardiniaCycling has offered classical road and mountain bike tours in ever enchanting Sardinia. But there are a lot more places to ride and enjoy in Sardinia. So, we’ve decided to add tours that bring cycling enthusiasts to exciting and even more seldom explored but always interesting areas of Sardinia.

Getting to know Sardinia

Sardinia on two wheels is a beautiful and yet little known place in the world. Perhaps for this reason it is even more beautiful.

Yes, there are many surprises in store for you on Sardinia. For this reason we've added the Info Hub to our website to help you find answers to many of the questions that our guests from all over the world have asked us over the years.

Bike rental. What's cooking?

Premium Bicycle Rentals

The 2014 season is now upon us and SardiniaCycling is ready and raring to go! The 2013 season was very successful, especially with rentals of high-range bikes. And in particular road bikes.

The most rented model was the Focus Cayo Evo 6, which, after being rewarded by cycling magazines all over the world for its high technical and quality standard, has earned the prize for the preferred model among those in our catalog.

Brand new bikes for 2014

Our customers know we have a huge fleet of bikes, allowing the perfect fit for anyone. Now, thanks to our collaboration with the European manufacturer Focus, we’ve expanded our fleet to include new top-of-the-line bikes in all of the main categories: racing and mountain bikes as well as electric-powered bikes designed to assist the more casual rider.

Electric bikes bring power to the casual rider!

Electric-powered bikes are becoming more and more popular, and the newest models, if top-of-the-line are becoming more reliable for every passing year.

This is one of the reasons we decided to add these bikes to our fleet. The other, and most important reason, is that very reliable, top-of-the-line electric-bikes offer the more casual rider the possibility of experiencing the wonders of Sardinia, including some of our tougher tours.

Enjoying daylong rides on electric-powered bikes is doable only when riding on the best performing ones. This is why when we went looking for an excellent partner to support our investment in these bikes we chose Kalkhoff, a German brand.

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